Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Trouble With Frank Bruni

How far are we from the day when Whoopi, Campbell and the rest of the ed deform crowd flat out blame the death of Michael Brown on bad teachers?

Joining the anti-teacher fray is former NY Times food writer Frank Bruni, another clueless NY Times columnist writing on education (see David Brooks, Thomas Friedman, Joe Nocera, Brent Staples, and even one bad column from the great Paul Krugman).

I think we need VAM for food columnists. How about basing it on how many calories you gain? 

I was going to do my own assault on Bruni yesterday, but, always a day behind and a dollar short, Arthur Goldstein and Lois Weiner have said it all.
Another argument bigots favor is, "I'm not a bigot. I know some of those people." And waddya know, Johnston has teachers in his family. So he must be totally objective. And Bruni writes for the NY Times. So he must also be objective, with no ax to grind whatsoever. Doubtless it's mere coincidence that he was a guest at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Brown, and that he failed to disclose it.... full piece at NYC Educator
Lois Weiner, writing at New Politics, sends an

An open letter to Frank Bruni about tenure for NYC teachers

Dear Frank Bruni,
            I enjoyed your restaurant reviews in the NY Times. Reading your descriptions of the food and ambiance allowed me to experience vicariously many restaurants. We seem to have a similar sensibility -- about food.  You seemed not to allow  restaurant publicity and PR to influence your ratings or judgment, maybe because you know good food and the restaurant business thoroughly enough so that you could see through hype.
            But that’s not the case in your columns on educational issues, in particular your analysis of tenure, which reads like the talking points from Teach for America and Students First, groups funded by billionaires who aim to transform schooling in ways they think best - that is, best for them and profits.... An open letter to Frank Bruni about tenure for NYC teachers.


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