Friday, August 15, 2014

#AFT14 Video - Sarah Chambers and The Speech that Triggered Mulgrew "Punch in Face" Comments

Common Core Debate - Sarah Chambers, Michelle Gunderson vs Michael Mulgrew - Note how Mulgrew was set up at the mic to follow Sarah Chamber's speech. Not a coincidence. Another UFT leader, Leroy Barr (not included in this video) was set up at the mic following Mulgrew - also not a coincidence. Unity Caucus uses placeholders at strategic mics as a way to control the debate.

The battle between NYC and Chicago: Providing context for the common core debate at the AFT14 convention

The Chicago Teachers Union, (CTU), suffering almost 2 decades of ed deform based on testing regimens and corporate takeovers of education, has become one of the most militant voices in opposition. They view the common core standards as another plank in this takeover.

The New York City union, the UFT, has collaborated on many of the issues the CTU has opposed, including the common core. The UFT supports the CC but complains it was implemented poorly. They call for support (resolution 2) but with what they term "accountability."

UFT President Michael Mulgrew's speech during the debate has received wide notice for its "punch in the face" comment. Immediately preceding his speech, CTU's Sarah Chambers made a strong speech opposing the CC, pointing to the damage the rigid testing regimen that goes with it has done to the children of Chicago.

Following Mulgrew's response, I added CTU's Michelle Gunderson's words?

Norm Scott


  1. The only person who has been kidnapped by little green aliens is Mike Mulgrew. Does he really think that NYC teachers actually have a say in the way Common Core is used in their schools? Really? He needs to stop drinking that Kool-aid.

    1. Based on his appearance, along with the content and delivery of that speech, I think he was on something much stronger than Kool-Aid.

  2. Sarah was fantastic. But, the only thing missing from the video is a voiceover at 4:00 stating, "The following is a paid advertisement for the Common Core Standards."

  3. My 14 yr old and my 9 yr old are sitting in the room with me now as I watched that video. The older one asks if I think it will be around for the rest of his high school. I say no. he younger one says even kids in my class know it's crap.


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