Tuesday, August 19, 2014

UFT 101: Why Does Our Teachers Union Matter? - Weds Aug. 20, 4PM

Some of us in MORE are talking about a new teacher support group where we pair vets - especially retirees who might have the time - with newbies. (If you are a retiree or even currently teaching who might be interested, email me at normsco@gmail.com).

I am somewhat surprised at how many people - and not just the usual suspects -- have been coming out to the summer series. There have even been a bunch of newly minted Teaching Fellows who are about to begin teaching. Oh, did we have stuff to tell them. Like they need to know how to navigate the political minefield of school politics. Where does the chapter leader stand in relation to the principal? A buddy and lackey who will repeat anything to say and thereby get you on the shit list and possible discontinued? Some lessons in how to bow and scrape with dignity until you get tenure. If you CL is Unity, handing out MORE lit may get you hung - ask us so we can look up your CL to see if one of the 800 who go to conventions.

But this is more than for new members.

UFT 101: Why Does Our Teachers Union Matter?

by morecaucusnyc
"A say in the priorites of our Union? (UFT) Sure, we'd like MORE."
A plea for union democracy

Our last summer series event of 2014 is Wednesday 8/20/14
Dark Horse Pub
17 Murray St NYC

UFT 101: Why Does Our Teachers' Union Matter?
Are you entering the teaching profession or new to NYC schools? Are you wondering what the teacher union is all about and what it means to you and your students? Is it something you should be active in? Do educators, parents and students share common interests? Can unions be vehicles for social justice? Meet with new and veteran teachers to discuss these questions and more in this introduction to teacher unionism.
This promises to be a fun, interactive meeting where you can meet educators that are just coming into the school system, some going into their second year, and experienced educators too!
Save the date, our first general meeting of the new school year will be Saturday Sept. 13th in Manhattan. Check back here for more information on this and meetings/happy hours in neighborhoods across NYC.

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