Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy 100th Anniversary to World War One

Jeez, we haven't had a World War for 75 years. Our generation are just slackers. But the way things are going there is hope.

Yes, August 1 is a big day in these parts. It was known as The Great War for 2 decades - until WWII broke out on Sept. 1 1939.

I am celebrating by reading Barbara Tuchman's "The Guns of August." I had that book for about 40 years but lost it in Sandy. So I got a copy from the library. No one really wanted the war and Tuchman takes us through the last minute frantic negotiations before total insanity set in. I'm still on the night of August 1. Can't wait to get to August 2nd. I should really get a cake with a hundred candles.

I have 25 years to find a book to read when I celebrate the 100th anniversary of WWII in 2039 when I'll be 95 - if WWIII doesn't get me first.

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  1. Actually, Norm, the prescient started calling it World War One as soon as they saw the terms of the Versailles Treaty. Lets call them the Norm Scotts of 1919. Nostalgia aside, you can do much better than Tuchman. Theres a whole raft of great books on the war published recently that take advantage of archives unavailable to Tuchman.


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