Sunday, August 24, 2014

UFT History in a Graphic: Caucuses from 1960-2014

NOTE: People are having problems reading the graphic - I am trying to get a pdf loaded but having trouble - email me if you want me to send you the pdfs - 
UPDATE: I found a way to replace unreadable jpgs with semi-readable pdfs.

I just finished reading Barbara Tuchman's "Guns of August" about the first month of WWI. Almost every issue we face today can be related back to decisions and outcomes a hundred years ago and beyond that.
We need to know some history of the UFT in order to fully understand things in context. I created this flow chart in attempt to get some history on record.

I created this for the first MORE July 12, 2014 summer event. It was a rush job on that day as I had returned from the AFT convention the day before at 1PM on a very delayed red eye. Shortly after I got home on the 11th, Ira Goldfine and Vera Pavone came over to review the history. On the morning of the 12th I spoke to Glenn Tepper, one of the founders of New Directions. So this all came together in the few hours before the MORE event and naturally is open to revisions.

There is a strand for Unity, TAC, New Directions, New Action, TJC, ICE and Ed Notes (not a caucus but key to ICE). No strand yet for PAC, Chalk Dust and assorted other groups that sprang up.

I didn't get into the work of GEM as a precursor to MORE -- This graphic is still a work in progress - as is MORE.
Of course - this is my own point of view and I imagine there are other views. If you have problems viewing it email me and I'll send you the pdfs.

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