Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gypsy Finale - Joy and Sadness

The Sunday matinee was our last performance - 9 out of 10 were sold out. The cast party afterwards was also a howl as the little kids did their version of the grown-ups acting. An 8-year old doing the strippers had us in stitches.

Sadly, today we struck the set and started building the set for Godspell. When a show ends it is like a school year ending - relief with sadness over the breaking up of the team - maybe a reason so many teachers use their spare time to be involved in the Rockaway Theatre Company. Some experience withdrawal symptoms. I would too - but I have all the ed crap to fill in the gap.

Mr. Goldstone surrounded by admirers - the young lady - grownup baby June - is an awesome talent - and going into her sophomore year at Fort Hamilton HS

Selfie by Kim Simek - a teacher who could be a professional actor - she delivered a performance as Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee as good as it gets
The entire cast - aged 7 to 72 - I'm 2nd oldest

Some backstage fun.

A selfie with me by John Panipinto who starred in How to Succeed...

Steve and Catherine - anchors aweigh

The Gypsy strippers

Oh, those costumes

Kim coming backstage to cheers at finale in what she termed "the role of a lifetime"

Catherine with Matt and John - Caroline the cow - Matt plays the rear end

Joe Hagopian and date

Steve really wanted to play Gypsy Rose Lee
Joe and John face off - see that young lady in background? She played Agnes - 16 years old and a natural on stage - goes to Scholars Academy in Rockaway - there were 2 other students from the school in the show
John and Jess - a teacher - in her other role when she is not Tessie Tura, the stripper


  1. Lucky to get one of the hot tickets for Sat nite show. This company is consistently outstanding. Acting, singing, dancing, music, costumes, staging..


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