Saturday, August 16, 2014

UFT Endorses Espaillat Over Robert Jackson

That chickenshit union is SICK... An activist
Has there been any politician more supportive of teachers and parents than Robert Jackson?

Here is one view of a parent/activist.
After Cuomo endorsed Espaillat, so did the UFT, which probably also played a large role in getting the Working Families Party to endorse Cuomo.

That chickenshit union is SICK.

They are destroying parent support for it on issues of teacher evaluation and tenure, as parents can rightly say that the union cares more about its members wages than about issues of direct concern to parents such as class size and availability of resources, which were the centerpieces of the Campaign For Fiscal Equity initiated 20 year ago by Robert Jackson, who as a State Senator would be an impediment to the Education Deform movement spearheaded by Cuomo, and supported by Espaillat.


  1. The UFT doesn't care about teacher wages. Look at our contract.

    1. Someone voted for this contract, I did not. We had huge declarations of opposition among the staff. A couple of weeks later at the end term party I asked some of the biggest mouths how they felt about the contract passing when they were so opposed. Several teeny tiny little voices whispered that they had voted for the contract after all because they thought we would not get anything better. Let's face it, management knows exactly what we have in the union, and the spineless whimps in the classroom cannot even handle a secret ballot decision.

  2. Endorsed how? Executive board meets over the summer?

  3. Sad to say, but not a terrible surprise. Arrogant UFT/NYSUT leadership tossed a sitting (NE Queens) State Senator, Frank Padavan, under the bus for one "transgression" despite years of outstanding support for schools in general, and NYC public schools in particular.


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