Thursday, August 14, 2014


I'm having a very interesting problem. I, as everyone else, am under a bombardment of heavy exploding shells loaded not with shrapnel, but with information. Information which explodes in my mind, branching off into threads of thought processes, any of which could lead to a blog. So many threads that I can't make decisions on what to write about. Thus, paralysis.

I always heard that as you get older, you lose your ability to concentrate - to focus - a shorter attention span - increasing attention deficit disorder.

Well, Hello aging.

I write great blogs - in my head while sitting on my porch or on the subway - most forgotten by the time I force myself to sit down at the computer.

At yesterday's MORE event on the lessons of Chicago, there were so many threads of interest, I started threads of 20 blogs in my head - mostly forgotten by now, especially after a great post-meeting dinner in Chinatown with Michael Fiorillo and Patrick Walsh.

I begin writing multiple threads - and as I read the wonderful stuff from fellow bloggers, different strands open up and I save a partially written blog as a draft. An hour later something else comes up and I begin another round of partially written blogs. Right now I have a 1000 drafts. I need to locate a delete button.

My solution is to avoid - head out to the porch and write another great blog post - in my mind.

I would do a blog post now but I'm off to a more pleasurable experience - two and a half hours of dental work on my root canal.

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