Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chicago Tribune Digs Up Photo of Bernie's Arrest in 1960's Protest

Some Hillary supporters has been mocking Bernie's participation in civil rights protests. The case for Hillary is that she went down south at one point to do some legal support work. Once. Not quite to the level of Bernie's commitment.

I must question his choice to wear white pants to a protest where you can get arrested. This can be a crucial issue in the next debate. Does Bernie have the judgement to be president if he would wear white pants? Hillary, get crack'n.

Daily Kos
Arrest photo of young activist Bernie Sanders emerges from Chicago Tribune archives 

Here it is. Pretty badass. He was protesting housing segregation. 

This picture confirms what Shaun King reported the other day. There is a VIDEO of Bernie’s arrest:…
He's wearing the same clothes and crouched in the same position.
Somewhere, Jonathan Capehart and Joy Reid’s crack team of photo-detectives are huddling around a table, theorizing that this might actually be Sandy Koufax.

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  1. As an Arkansas lawyer, Hillary Clinton was a lawyer for Eli Broad in 1983. Is this part of her legal support work in the South. "Eli Broad and the Clintons".


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