Friday, February 5, 2016

Dues to Escrow Accounts, ATRs and Friedrichs: Should ATRs Keep Paying Union Dues?

Should ATRS Stop Paying Dues to the UFT Which Taxes Them Without Representation?

The comment below got me to thinking. Are there any people more likely to stop paying union dues? I think that Unity might be happy to be rid of them because then they would have absolutely not ability to complain to anyone in the UFT. But I was thinking of a what if: they with hold a portion of dues and pool the money in an escrow account of sorts to possibly hire someone to rep them?

Just a another crazy norm idea on a snowy day. Gotta go shovel out and clear my head of this crazy shit.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MORE to Talk Friedrichs at Saturday Meeting, Rosea...":

The ATRs have been at their current schools for many weeks now just getting use to the kids, school, staff, parking procedures and now what happens....the DOE takes us to another really cannot believe Farina continues to implement this Mike Bloomberg torture program. I work as a social worker and have been working with many kids for the past several weeks implementing programs and the like. So what does the DOE do? THey are sending me to ANOTHER school next week to start all over again. WHy?? This system is so dysfunctional it is beyond belief. The notion that they are trying to get rid of the ATRs is bull shit. The notion that the DOE is "concerned" about the social well being of the students is bull shit. The schools have one and two year counselors and social workers who are no nothings and still believe the system runs like they were taught in grad school!! This is a story for television and most people cannot believe this when you tell them what is going on. Get the ATRs in the CLASSROOMS idiots. Stop this ridiculous shit!!!!!! Paying people over one hundred thousand dollars to rotate from school a to school b?? Really?? No wonder we have all these reformies flying over our heads because there are so many jerks in the education field it is quite astonishing. The UFT continues to do nada and more and more I am looking at Freidrichs as maybe a blessing for the ATR crew because this madness must stop.


  1. I have to say it's a great idea! 2000 X $1200= $2,400,000 per year. This is what the UFT has been collecting from us to do absolutely nothing for the past 10 years : $2,400,000 x10= $24,000,000 dollars! A disgusting disgrace. The UFT has no one to blame but themselves.

  2. I'm stopping my payment as soon as I can.

  3. Perhaps Mulgrew should rescind that premature approval of the ATR provision. It's going to bite him, hard.


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