Wednesday, February 24, 2016

David Cantor Sells Out (Again) - Beware Faux Ed News Campbell Brown-run

Some of you may remember David Cantor head flack at DOE press office during most of the Klein/ Bloomberg years.  he is now working as an editor at the corp reform "news" outlet run by Campbell Brown, funded by Bloomberg, Walton, DeVos and a bunch of wealthy charter supporters like  Daniel Loeb and Jon Sackler.  Roots of a revolution? Really now.... Leonie Haimson
A "reporter" from this operation,, called the MORE hotline. She said she was doing a story on UFT union dues. I had never heard of the operation or knew its connections and put her in touch with some people. Then we began to investigate who was backing them and pulled back. When I checked the site about 10 days ago it was clear it was a Campbell Brown op but they seem to have buried some of that info.

Now they have recruited my old pal, David Cantor, who we used to spar with when he was Joel Klein's flack.
From: david cantor <>
Date: February 24, 2016 at 8:16:22 AM EST
Subject: Roots of A Revolution
Hi folks:

I've started as Executive Editor at The 74, an education news site launched last year by Campbell Brown. My job is to help the site produce great journalism across different media and influence opinion and policy, which bear influencing. 

Thanks for your support. Check out -- and let me know any time you have ideas about what we should cover. 


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  1. How desperate has Cantor become? He will get up and lie for money.


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