Friday, February 12, 2016

Video: Child Abuse on Eva's Plantation

In 2014, an assistant teacher at Success Academy Cobble Hill secretly filmed her colleague, Charlotte Dial, scolding one of her students after the young girl failed to answer a question correctly. The children's faces have been blurred and their names obscured to protect their privacy... NY Times - on the case

Our spies in Eva's buildings tell us this stuff is part of the fabric of the Success Academy culture. Maybe Success teachers should be required to wear body cameras.


  1. Its just a matter of time that moskowitch is exposed for what she really is. A money grubbing, fake artist who uses smoke and mirrors to prey upon the weak and uneducated in our culture to pocket her 500 thousand dollar a year salary on the backs of hard working people of nyc. This is an outrage and disgusting and these schools should be closed permanantly.


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