Sunday, February 28, 2016

Correction - Monday Mar 7 @PS 84K - Williamsburg/Greenpoint District 14 Panel on NY State Testing/Opting Out

The oppressive DOE has tried to strangle the opt-out movement here in NYC through misinformation and threats directed at parents and teachers. The brave parent leaders in my old school district are standing up. Tell people about this event. I'm hoping to be there to tape.
Please join parents, teachers, and the Community Education Council for District 14 (CEC14) for a panel discussion on Testing / Opting Out / Refusing the State tests.

Find out why 20% (240,000) of NYState parents refused the NYState Common Core ELA/Math tests last year, and why over 60 NYC DOE schools did not meet their 95% testing threshold. Learn how Opting Out has made a difference in state education policy.

Where and when?  March 7th at 6pm     PS84 Auditorium, 250 Berry Street (between Grand & S1st), Brooklyn.       No RSVP Necessary.

The default setting is for students to take the state tests, but parents have the right to Opt Out.

Whether you Opt OUT by refusing the state tests or Opt IN by having your child take the tests, it’s YOUR choice. You have the right to make your decision for your child based on accurate information.

Please SHARE WIDELY with your friends, your colleagues, and other parents. 

Parent Coordinators have been asked to get this flier invite into every child's backpack in D14 K-8th grades, but sometimes emails get buried under others. Please make sure that your parent coordinator has the flier about the forum and that parents at your school receive this flier too.

For more information about Opting Out, visit: or
Print and share the flyer with people you know.

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  1. The default setting is for students to take the state tests, but parents have the right to Opt Out.

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