Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Randi Spin on Hillary Defeat Ties Her Up In Knots While Lily Stays Mum and Fred Smith Nails It

EIA's Mike Antonucci compares the NEA spin after Iowa and after New Hampshire: NEA Pulls a Cam Newton in New Hampshire .
As I write this, it’s about 1:30 pm Eastern time. Anything about New Hampshire on the NEA web site? Nope. Education Votes web site? Nope. Education Votes Twitter account? Nope. NEA’s Twitter account? Nope. NEA Public Relations Twitter account? Nope. Eskelsen GarcĂ­a’s Twitter account? Nope. How about NEA New Hampshire? Nope.
While Randi just can't seem to shut up, creating a WTF moment for some:
AFT Randi Weingarten had her spin on the results, but she addressed them (here, here, and here).

23h23 hours ago
Trying to turn a pig's ear into a purse.
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24h24 hours ago
You may be, but apparently you misread the AFT crowd...
Fred Smith comes to our rescue from the twitter world with these comments:
Did Randi campaign for Hillary in NH? She must have -- otherwise how do you account for such a large loss. Is it too late for Randi to endorse Trump?  Maybe she can revive Pataki's campaign...In an act of pre-emptive misrepresentation of those whom she professes to represent Randi she sold her soul to be the next Secretary of Education. Even Goliath knew he was in trouble when Randi bet on him. The real reason Cam Newton had a lousy game was because Randi put union money on the Panthers.....Fred Smith

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