Friday, February 12, 2016

Chicago Teacher Reacts to VOTE UNITY Poster - Appearing in your school mailboxes

Sarah Chambers, Chicago Teacher:
Want to see what bullies look like? Check them out here. The guy on bottom right shoved me out of the Mics at AFTunion conf. VOTE for MORE and Jia Lee NOT UNITY!

Mike Schirtzer I'm voting unity - Jia Lee Sarah Chambers are all about standing up for kids, union members, and our communities- I prefer unity because they stand up for themselves. #teamunity

Jia Lee
Jia Lee Unity, an arm of the corporatized NYC DOE, bargains for their own benefit and not the members they purport to represent- don't believe me? I still have the pic from the day they physically moved Sarah Chambers' a rank and file teacher's things and Barr elbowed her so that Mulgrew could be first to the mic. I was standing outside the room. A union without democracy within is no union at all. Most members in NYC live in fear and constant demoralization. Unity is intimidated by true unionists like the CTU. I'm proud and grateful to our colleagues like Sarah!


Gloria Brandman
Gloria Brandman I also saw that shove!! It's time we shove out those UNITY thugs and elect democratic leadership!

I see former Bklyn borough and now Bronx borough leader Howie Shore (top right) has risen to the officer ranks. Howie was my rep on my first step 3 grievance back in 1980 - and I lost.

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