Friday, February 26, 2016

John Elfrank-Dana Calls on Teachers to Help Get MORE on the Ballot

John Elfrank was kind enough to scan and post the officer petition which holds 40 names. We need 900 to get on the ballot but I aim for 1000- 1200 to cover all bases. With most schools being fairly small, we need a lot of people going around a lot of schools to reach that number.

By circulating this petition you are letting people in your school know that an election is coming. It might help get out more votes in the schools when ballots are sent out on March 5.

Here is what John sent out:
Tired of not getting tenure?
Frustrated by gotcha observations?
Angered by more busy work being dumped on you?
Feel the UFT doesn't get it (Mulgrew and Company)?
Do you want to change the UFT leadership?

Let's help the Movement of Rank and File Educators Caucus (MORE) get its candidates on the ballot.

What you can do.
Print out the petition on LEGAL length paper. 
Make it a TWO-SIDED DOCUMENT (not 2 separate pages, copy on the back).
Front Page:
Back Page:
On your lunch break, before or after school get as many UFT members in your school to sign, ask others on their lunch to get signatures.
Pass off to the other schools in your building their own copy. Share with them this email.
Collect and Mail to Norm Scott by Saturday, MARCH 5:
518 Beach 134 Street, Rockaway Park, NY 11694 

Send me a copy, take a picture of the envelope too if you can.

You need not fill up the sheet. Just get as many UFT member signatures as you can- 5, 10, 20...

Things won't get any better until we change the leadership.

Here's MORE's web site for more on their candidates.

In solidarity,


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