Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kasich is as Big a Disaster as the Rest of Them

Scary thing last night: Fooled by his demeanor, omeone told me she could live with Kasich. I sent her this - and it doesn't even touch on his horrible ed deforms.
Please see the below highlights from Tina Brown’s Women in the World Forum in LA last night. Tina asked Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, what a Kasich presidency would be like:

“It would be a complete and utter disaster. Governor Kasich has come off as a moderate, only by comparison to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but it’s really important to know in Ohio, more than half the providers of safe and legal abortion have had to shut down. He signed 17 separate bills to restrict reproductive access in the state. It’s rivaling Texas as the worst place for women to get access to healthcare. We have a lot of work to do to to make sure folks know about his record and where he really stands.”

Cecile’s thoughts on closing clinics in Texas:
"The heartbreaking part of it is it’s hitting low income women the very worst. If you live in the rear border of Texas, you have very few options for healthcare. Many women are now going over the border — estimates of up to 250,000 women trying to self abort in the last several years in Texas. We’re better than that as a country.”


  1. Check out what he has done to education.

  2. Ohio is still pro-charter heaven, despite on-going corruption and scandals in these corporate boondoggles. Governor Kaisch to my knowledge has never said anything of positive substance about public schools or the educators that work in them. In a normal Republican primary, he would be on the fringe of candidates. With this group, however, he is the "moderate". A few years ago, his office led a movement to undermine public workers, with the intent to destroy collective bargaining rights for public workers.(SB11) Public workers and the public shut him down. Ohio is still a strong union state. The Republican primary would not be an automatic win for him in the Buckeye state.

  3. Kasich will not last too much longer. However, I expect him to be the front-runner as the Vice-Presidential candidate

  4. He's among the GOP candidate horde that promises to "fix" Social Security by moving it in the privatizing direction, as well as raise the retirement age.


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