Saturday, February 13, 2016

GEM/MORE Members Fought Eva Invasion of Cobble Hill School: Where was the UFT?

MORE/GEM stood up to Eva when she invaded the school where that child abuse video from the NY Times was shot. Where was the UFT?

MORE's Brian Jones at Success hearing

Sean Ahern was a teacher in the building where the video was shot. See my post yesterday:

Video: Child Abuse on Eva's Plantation

Another Eva invasion. A teacher in the building has been chronicling the impact of the invasion on a blog:

MORE members from their previous groups ICE, TJC and GEM, stood up to Eva when the UFT was running scared.

Darren made a video at the Cobble Hill Success Academy Colocation Hearing:

Sean comments:
From the photo I believe the Eva Plantation cited in this NYT article was pushed into The School of International Studies on Baltic Street in 2012 over the vociferous objections of staff and parent leaders who filled school auditoriums to protest what they rightly predicted would be the undermining of their school community.

MORE leaders, Julie Cavanagh and Bryan Jones helped to mobilize support in the District to oppose this push-in. International Studies lost the first floor except for the state of the art Culinary room which I was assured would not be touched (students in the program competed that year in the city wide C-CAP competition winning over $65,000 in scholarships to post secondary culinary schools), but the computer lab and numerous other rooms were lost, crowding students and teachers and undermining a safe and fairly well run school serving a predominantly Title I student body but one that was fairly diverse by NYC standards. What was a real "success" story, The School of International Studies, was undone by the Eva Plantation and her sycophants at DOE and NYSED. Another culinary team has not competed since.

Many teachers, myself included, left the school after their mass protests were ignored by the DOE, NYSED and NYT. The Principal who had founded the school remained silent throughout the protests and was subsequently promoted the following September to Tweed to train principals.

Sean Ahern

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