Thursday, February 11, 2016

Randi and Lily Are Democratic Party Super Delegates

While much of the Democratic Party has savaged teachers and their unions on ed deform, the leadership of this unions is part of the structure of the party. We know where they stand on Hillary/Bernie and since a good chunk of the members are anti-Hillary from the right and the left, their stand is very divisive and diverts us from the major battle. Randi was traipsing around Iowa and New Hampshire and giving credence to Teach for America by showing up to speak at their conference last weekend.

Diane Ravitch is taking a neutral stance on Hillary/Bernie and explains why in a reply to a comment on her post Hillary Won More Delegates in New Hampshire than Bernie.

Now I find this an interesting post in that while talking about the super delegates she never mentions that the presidents of the 2 teacher unions with almost 4 million members are out and out Hillary supporters who will be overriding the popular vote if they can. Randi has been tweeting that Bernie and Hillary basically tied in New Hampshire among Democrats and it was the independent vote that gave him such a big margin. I guess independents who reject Hillary don't count in the general election. It is the typical stance that the Republican choice will be so awful, everyone will hold their noses and vote for Hillary anyway. Listen, I would probably do so myself.

Rob Rendo is disturbed enough to offer the following:
How rigged the system is:
Please review the following list for names that you recognize among the superdelegates.

You will see Lily Eskelsen Garcia and Randi Weingarten right there, undermining the one man one vote fundamental to our democracy.,_2016
Will you sign the petition to let voters decide?
Will you sign this petition to the DNC to end voter manipulation?
Please forward widely

Thank you
Randi undermining democracy? I'm shocked, just shocked. Any photoshoppers out there to take these cartoons and put Randi in them?

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  1. I will not hold my nose and vote for Hilary Clinton. I'm tired of the democrats taking our votes for granted. The dems and Weingarten won't be bothered by the nose holding as long as they get the votes. There is no way in hell I will ever vote for Hilary Clinton... even if my one vote meant the difference between her and some rabid republican. I'm tired of the dems and Weingarten selling us out. The only democrat I have voted for since Obama in 2008 is my NY Assemblyman who has responded to my emails with more than the standard auto reply and has a solid record on supporting the issues I care about. Re Hilary: I'd rather elect the person who tells me upfront he's going to screw me than the person who promises me wine and roses but then leaves me empty handed and just screws Obama did. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice....No freaking way! Obama, Arne Duncan, John King and Cuomo are why I abandoned the democratic party. Bernie might be able to win me back. Roseanne McCosh


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