Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fairtest - Opposition to testing spreads nationwide

Moving into the peak weeks of the 2016 standardized exam season, the assessment reform movement continues to notch more victories as test-opt outs and other forms of protest accelerate in many states.
Multiple States *Advocates Question Machine-Scoring of PARCC, SmarterBalanced Writing Samples
Multiple States FairTest Chronology of Computerized Testing Problems
Across the U.S.

*Alaska *Cancels All K-12 Standardized Testing for the Year After
Computer Administration SNAFU

*California *Parent Group Pushes for More Opt-Outs
Colorado *Legislature Rejects Civics Test Mandate
Connecticut *Smarter Balanced Test Wrong Answer for Students, Teachers
Connecticut Black and Latino Parents Discuss Opt-Out Strategies
Florida *More Parents Join Opt-Out Movement
Florida Opt-Out Groups Push for Real Changes in Assessment
Florida School Testing Scores High on Hypocrisy, Low on Integrity
Georgia *Movement to Opt More Students Out of Standardized Tests
Continued to Grow*

Illinois *PARCC Test Disrupts Classroom Learning
Indiana *Standardized Test Content Is Spreading Nationwide
Iowa *New Federal Education Law Eliminates Some NCLB Punishments for
Local Schools
Maine *Survey Finds Teachers Blast New Standardized Tests
Maryland *Baltimore Algebra Project Students Rap Against Tests
Massachusetts *"Take The Test" Event Exposes Elected Officials to the
Exam They Mandate
Massachusetts Hollow Threats Fail to Slow Opt-Out Growth
Michigan *Students Will Spend Less Time on State Testing This Year
Minnesota *Hundreds of Minneapolis High School Students Opt Out of
Standardized Tests
New Jersey *Parents Protest Tying PARCC Test to Graduation
New Jersey Many Reasons to Opt-Out of PARCC Exams
New Jersey PARCC Opt-Out Movement Is Not Just a White-Suburban Thing
New Mexico *Varying District Opt-Out Policies Confuse Parents*
*New Mexico Current Use of PARCC Test Causes Damage
New Mexico Let's Opt for Something Better Than PARCC Tests
**New York *Anti-Common Core Testing Fury Rages as New Round of Exams Begin
New York Why the Opt-Out Movement Is Not Losing Steam
New York "Revised" 2016 State Tests No Better Than Ones They Replaced

*North Dakota *Some Parents Opt Children Out of Standardized Tests
Oregon *Why Parents Should Opt Their Children Out of Standardized Tests
Pennsylvania* Opt-Out Totals Rise
Pennsylvania How to Write an Opt-Out Letter
Tennessee* State Standardized Testing Time to Be Scaled Back for Next Year
Tennessee Testing Takes Up Too Much Learning Times

*Texas *Computer Failures Erased Answers From 14,220 Tests
Texas Top 10% College Admissions Plan Increased Diversity, Academic Quality
Texas Testing Company Will Be Punished for Computer Administration Foul Up
Texas Teachers Give STAAR Tests Failing Grades

*Washington* Parents and Local NAACP Press School Board to Address
Testing Concerns

*ACT/SAT* Rejected by Many Colleges, Test-makers Try to Move Into State
Markets as Common Core Exams
ACT/SAT Problems with Requiring College Admissions Tests for All High
School Students
ACT/SAT Skidmore Adopts Test-Optional Policy
FairTest Directory of 860 Schools That Do Not Require All of
Many Applicants to Submit Scores

Teachers of the Year Say Test-Based Evaluations Cause Most Damage to

/Bob Schaeffer, Public Education Director//
//FairTest: National Center for Fair & Open Testing//
//office-   (239) 395-6773   fax-  (239) 395-6779//
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