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Roseanne Schools Unity Slug Who Defends UFT on Actions (or Lack of) at John Dewey

News flash... Stop the Presses... Norm Scott discovers the UFT to blame yet again.... Unity Caucus Slug
How culpable is the UFT in the exoneration of Kathleen Elvin? They have been pretty defensive about the outcome after taking so Shame on the CSA for Defending Elvin's Cheating at... where they defend the back door dealing and attack me for being inconsistent for defending MORE when it does things behind the scenes - as if a small caucus like MORE with ZERO elected positions in the UFT -- should somehow be compared with the Unity/UFT machine complex that owns every means of the UFT communications network and meets at the top levels regularly with Farina and her hench people. Call it a slight difference in access to power. Go read some of their comments at "Shame on the CSA for Defending Elvin's Cheating at...

I replied by making the point that their failure is what this slug is bragging about - their backdoor "nuanced" response, which I admit might be useful at times - but this is their way of operating. Hush hush, keeping people at the school level out of the loop other than the chapter leader - and who knows that what they are telling the CL is even accurate or the truth - I had my suspicions when I got reports. I on the other hand urged an open assault on Elvin both in and outside the school -- and guess what -- they used Ed Notes to engage in that assault -- but imagine if instead of a lowly blog the actually UFT had openly stood up for them and exposed the crap Elvin was doing all along? I know they had the hard info.

Our reliable responder Roseanne McCosh nails the Unity slug to the wall: A new comment on your post "Shame on the CSA for Defending Elvin's Cheating at...
Anonymous poster accuses Norm of being a hater....but offers no evidence to prove that what Norm says is inaccurate. The only reason I know about Elvin, Blige and the rest of the admin losers in NYC is because of Norm's blog. I haven’t heard a peep about it from Unity. I too would like to know exactly what Unity did to expose Elvin and get rid of her. Farina's policies with respect to the treatment of teachers are the same as BloomKlein. I haven't heard a peep from Unity about that either. My school, PS 8X, has at least 6 teachers who transferred from abusive schools. The majority of whom have been with us for at least 5 years and
the admins they fled are still in their old schools. One of the admins, Maria Rosado, has been in the Riverdale Press lately. An old CL from that school (207X) used to complain about her at CL meetings back in my CL days 10 years ago.
NOTHING was done then and NOTHING is being done now. Farina is still backing her up and I haven’t heard about her from Unity yet.
Mulgrew cares more about DeBlasio and Farina than his abused membership. If that weren’t true he’d be exposing them as often and with as much tenacity as Norm and other bloggers do. None of the blogs that expose these people are aligned with Unity.
Unity working hard to get rid of abusive admins? You’re full of shit.
$100 to your favorite charity if you prove otherwise! Anyone want to take that bet? Roseanne McCosh 
Tell you what Unity slug, democratize the UFT - remove the retiree vote, give us proportional representation so we don't have winner take all and let's compete on a level playing field and then you can challenge MORE by what it does and what it doesn't do?

I'm willing to play the stealth game when necessary -- but when the people on the ground are included and make that decision -- just as we saw at CPE 1 where it wasn't MORE's decision to play a nuanced stealth game but theirs -- and their actions dictated when we would go public, not our needs to promote ourselves as some groups do or in your case to hide what you are doing so Uncle Ernie and Aunt Carmen don't get mad at you.


  1. Unity doesn't give a rats ass about the membership. They only care about forging alliances with politicians and collecting dues.

  2. You're making a fool of yourself on this one, Norm, and Roseanne, who is often articulate, makes no sense at all. The fact that you turned the comments from a previous post into a new rant just shows you're losing your composure. Typically, when you're getting beaten badly like this, you quickly publish three or four new posts just to bury the old one and end your misery. But, with this one, you're so furious that you're actually asking for more abuse. Ok, here goes: The staff is grateful to the UFT for the ongoing support that culminated in the removal of Elvin. And the Chapter Leader, a protege of yours, is foremost among those praising the UFT.

    1. If responding with outrage and exposing the fact that our Unity led union does nothing to expose and remove abusive administrators means one is making a fool of himself, then I’ll gladly make a fool of myself too. I’ll live with being called a hater or any other names you want to taunt me with. But claiming I make no sense….well that makes no sense. My comments were perfectly clear. But please let me know what you still need me to make clear for you. I’d be happy to elaborate. What part do you need clarity on? The part where I say that Unity knew about the principal of PS 207X 10 years ago when the CL complained at CL meetings? The part where teachers from 207 transferred to my school while the principal stayed to make others miserable? The part where Unity did nothing about this principal when the CL complained 10 years ago? The part where I say Unity still has done nothing about 207? Is it the part where I say I never would have heard about abusive principals like Elvin and Blige if not for Norm’s blog? Or is it the part where I say that anyone who claims that Unity is working hard to get rid of abusive admins is full of shit? Or perhaps it’s the part where I offer $100 to a favorite charity if proven wrong. Unity hasn’t demanded that Farina clean house of abusive administrators who are ruining teachers’ careers and you react by insulting Norm for ranting about it. That’s akin to claiming a Seattle weatherman is a Debbie Downer because he keeps forecasting rain. Now that’s some illogical reasoning that doesn’t make any sense. Norm speaks the truth and calls you guys out on your failures. The NY Teacher is mailed to all our homes. Where are the stories about abusive administrators and Farina’s failure to remove them? Still waiting… Roseanne McCosh

    2. Two interesting pieces in the Post today. Norm and Roseanne are correct. The editorial specifically mentions that the UFT ignored the complaints of its members and did nothing. Sue Edelman's piece explains if Elvin's case went to trial, DeBlasio would have to fire Farina. Now Mulgrew is claiming another victory because charter schools got an increase in funding. For me it's time to get out of this system.

    3. Ok. Kathleen Elvin. Please send the $100 to any reputable animal or wildlife based charity. Thanks.

    4. We're going in circles...and you keep ignoring the point. But as a sign of good faith I just donated $100 to the Blooming Grove Humane society via their website. I can send you the receipt I pasted below if you like. Now tell us...what exactly did the UFT do about Elvin? Answer Norm's questions from his original post: "Why don't you give us details of how hard the UFT staff worked and what they did? Show me links to articles in the NY Teacher. Or rallies for teachers or going to PEP to confront Farina?" Norm's unanswered questions are the point---and it will get the animal shelter another 100 bucks if you supply him with the evidence he asked for. Roseanne McCosh
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  3. I guess we're touching a unity slug nerve here because you keep returning for more . How many Dewey teachers commented on Ed notes? You guys went to OSI and not the press for months with the information to protect your buddy Farina. You admit it took a long time. I made that point continuously during that year pointing out the weakness of the uft support as people kept suffering from abuse. You guys seem to have plenty of time to wait. I think of that poor guy who had elvin rummaging through his garbage pail looking for his do nows.

  4. Oh is that all you have to do to get rid of an Abusive principal? NY teacher article, school rally and speaking against abusive principal at a PEP mtg. Let's submit a resolution at the next DA to do these 3 things for all abusive principals. I am sure Farina will then remove them all immediately. Don't know why no one knew about this full proof plan all along. We could do this every month

    1. Yeah, you could....but you won't. And you won't bc Mulgrew wants to keep sucking up to Farina and DeB for his own seat at the table where he dines on the bones of the harassed, discontinued and otherwise abused members. Plus you're too busy mocking those of us who see you for the sell-outs you truly are. Expose abusive administrators and demand Farina rein them in, Mulgrew. The membership deserves more than you're providing. Roseanne McCosh

    2. You had nothing to do with getting rid of Elvin. She fucked up by creating illegal classes and give Solo credit for digging that up and becoming a whistle blower - which I had reservations about since I was concerned he could become a target himself by a corrupt OSI. She was not removed because she abused teachers and if she did not pull her scam she woulds till be there abusing teachers and you would still be doing nothing about it. Roseanne has asked you to show one thing you are doing about abusive principals and it is nothing. Why not at least try to expose these people publicly even if they don't get removed? Use the internet to create a climate that might force them to modfy their behavior. south Bronx and I helped get rid of Jennifer Rogers with our blogs - not that we were the main people - people are the school organized without the UFT and in fact the Queens borough rep and District rep would come in and hug her - her mom had influence and I believe that is a fundamental corruption in Unity - they have ties to these principals and outliers like Elvin don't get any protection. How about Jia's former horror story of a principal who still reighns supreme. WHere is the UFT borough and special rep for that school and so many others. Atually this is worth a blog post of its own. See ya later.


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