Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TONIGHT AT PEP: Demand to Remove Abusive Principal Monica Garg at CPEI

We hope to see you at tonight's PEP meeting where parents, teachers and supporters from MORE and other organizations will be fighting for their community schools and students.  Here is one action that is occurring - stay tuned for the other... - MORE Media Team

For Immediate Release: April 20, 2016
For more information contact CPE1 parents:
Kenya Dilday:
Jennifer Roesch: (917) 319-7008;
Kaliris Salas Ramirez: (718) 704-7387; ksalasramirez@gmail.comMore information at
Parents, Staff and Alumni of Central Park East 1 to Present Petition Demanding Principal’s Removal to Chancellor
Delegation to Panel for Education Policy will demand chancellor intervene to support students and parents at one-time progressive beacon 

Who: Parents, staff, alumni and supporters of Central Park East 1
What: Press conference and petition delivery to Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina

When: April 20, Press Conference 5pm - Petition delivery to follow during Panel for Educational Policy Meeting
Where: 100 Hester Street
 New York, NY.—Parents, staff and alumni of Central Park East 1 will deliver a petition Wednesday signed by nearly two-thirds of current families and more than 2,000 supporters to Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina demanding the removal of Principal Monika Garg at Central Park East 1.
The petition delivery comes as Principal Garg has refused to address concerns raised by parents and staff at the school. Parents, staff, alumni and educational experts will attend the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) meeting and present their case. They plan to deliver the petition to the chancellor personally and ask for her direct intervention to support the needs of parents, students and staff. 

Other signatories include State Sen. Bill Perkins, former NYC Councilman and Education Committee Chair Robert Jackson, education professor and activist Dr. William Ayers, and large numbers of former teachers, family members and students.

Central Park East 1 is a 41-year old elementary school that is the oldest progressive school in Harlem and the first formed by legendary educator, Deborah Meier. It has a record of success
that has been documented by the Department of Education using its own metrics as well as independent qualitative and longitudinal studies. It is a nationally renowned school and one where educators go to observe and learn from best practices. However, its core progressive principles and successful pedagogical approach is being undermined under the leadership of both the principal and the district superintendent. In response, parents have launched a campaign to Save CPE 1. In addition to the petition, parents have created a website that documents the record of administrative failure, provides metrics showing that CPE 1 is a remarkably successful school and offers parent testimonials that show the diverse needs this school is meeting. 

Problems with Principal Garg include, but are not limited to:
In March, she interviewed several very young children as part of investigations of veteran teachers and staff. The parents of these children were not notified before or after these interviews.

She has no experience in progressive education, no experience in early childhood education and minimal experience in elementary education, but has nevertheless implied that the school’s style of education is not suitable for “black children and poor children.”

Veteran teachers have described their working conditions as intolerable. Several have considered leaving. 

The website,, offers an extensive timeline detailing the pattern of administrative mistreatment over time. It also provides just a few samples of more than 20 testimonials from families about what a Central Park East 1 education has meant for them and their children. It explains Central Park East 1’s unique curriculum and pedagogy as well as its success - as measured by the Department of Education’s own metrics.

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