Monday, April 4, 2016

NY Post brands Jia Lee and Colleagues as "Renegades"

Earth School teacher Jia Lee, a union activist and opt out supporter, said she tells parents of her anti-testing position when asked... anti-union "reporter" Carl Camponile, NY Post.

When Carl called the MORE phone number I knew he had an agenda - to paint the opt out movement as being union led. He knows full well Mulgrew and crew don't support opt-out and I made it clear that Jia was running against Mulgrew. Note how Camponile frames Jia as being "a union activist and opt out supporter" to make it appear the UFT is connected to the opt out movement, a goal of ed deformers everywhere - to make that link.

The press black out of MORE continues.

If MORE ever reached the stage of seriously challenging Unity watch how fast the Post and rest of the press urges people to vote Unity.

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