Sunday, April 10, 2016

Candi Peterson is Dandy as She Runs for Washington DC Teachers Union Prez

Our old pal Candi Peterson is running for WTU president.  Best of luck Candi.

Why I'm Running for WTU President in 2016
Candi Peterson and GeLynn Thompson
Candidates for WTU President & GVP 2016
By Candi Peterson, Candidate for WTU President 2016
Disclaimer: I AM NOT a member of the current WTU Contract Negotiations team. 
For the first time, my decision to run as President of the Washington Teachers’ Union is rooted in a strong desire to lead our much-beleaguered union to a respectable level of teacher/member representation that embraces and fosters union democracy to the greatest extent possible.  The deterioration of union democracy has imperiled DC educators and WTU members for too many years and is manifest in the loss of job security and dignity, without which, teacher unions'  become obsolete.  Job security is the hallmark of any good union. WTU’s continued path of apathy and passivity is unacceptable if it is to survive as more than a vehicle for high union dues that benefit salaried employees, currently not WTU members, and the AFT, our parent organization.
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  1. Thanks for the post Norm. I will keep you posted on
    our elections. :/D


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