Thursday, April 14, 2016

#MORE2016 - Pick up UFT Election leaflets for school distribution

Only a few weeks until ballots go out on May 5. Get the latest leaflet from MORE hot off the press. This is a 4 page booklet produced by MORE and New Action.


MORE and New Action have printed 60,000 copies of a beautiful foldover campaign leaflet (read it here!) - and we need your help to get it to rank and file teachers across the city.  Please reply to this email now and let us know your boro and school and how many copies you need.  

You can pick up leaflets at any of our 3 Friday Happy Hours around NYC.  Come meet MORE candidates, discuss the election and getting out the vote, and how we can build teacher power at our workplaces. The first round is on us!  Click below to RSVPFridayHappyHour.png
  • Manhattan - 3pm Murphy's Law - 417 E 70th St
  • Bronx - 3pmAn Beal Bocht - 445 W 238th St. 
  • Brooklyn - 3pmRustik Tavern - 471 De Kalb Ave
PS. You can also pick up leaflets at the April DA next week 4pm-6pm @ 52 Broadway, or at our exciting actions against school takeover under state receivership laws at the PEP right nearby at 6p at MS131 @ 100 Hester St.

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