Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Opt-Out News: Rising Numbers of People of Color, Tales of Intimidation and Threats on Students and Parents principal has been snide and sneaky with comments and giving opt out kids homework while testing kids don’t get any...
Unfortunately, getting multiple reports about bad behavior at PS x--a kid who brought in a letter today but was made to sit for the test. A kid who opted out but whose mother was contacted at 4pm and pressured to have the kid sit for days 2 and 3--this one makes NO sense to me!

----opt-out parents

The opt-out listserves were buzzing with news all day including emails from parents who were intimidated or in some cases where they sent an opt out letter that was ignored and their child forced to sit for the test.

The Farina blitz against opt-outs has with a target on the backs of schools with high numbers last year but with principals subject to pressure might be having an impact on keeping city numbers from jumping, though there are reports of some breakthroughs in communities of color.

Let's hope the activist parents decide to compile and go after the principals who are doing this stuff. Nothing like a little media attention.

Some more comments:

Castle Bridge is reporting 70 opt outs ‎out of 73 3rd and 4th graders.

Kate Taylor was at PS 261 this morning and interviewed me and a friend. Never now if anything will come of this but as of yesterday we had 203 out of 368 kids opting out. That's 55%. Down a bit from last year's 65% but still a large opt out. PS 261 is giving alternative assessments created by the teachers and graded by the teachers in place of the tests. I told this to Kate Taylor as well. We shall see what she actually reports... a parent

NOTE: Kate Taylor's article on the Times today was weak.

Woo hoo!
Counting 3 MOREs in the news yesterday with the opt-out folks in Jackson Heights -

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