Tuesday, April 5, 2016

UPDATE: The New Faces of Opt-Out as Movement Begins to Reach Parents of Color

The newest faces of opt out - this school went from 2% last year to 25% today.

Jamaal Bowman's school posted the highest increases on the  ELA and math exams. But, as these parents and their great principal know--It's not about the scores... Parent on Change the Stakes listserve 
Bronx News 12 did a video of parents speaking up at this
Bronx school headed by principal Jamaal Bowman - but it is behind a pay wall. The school had the largest rise in scores last year trumping the deformers when they try to claim opt out is a way to cover potential bad scores. If it comes down from the pay wall you will see non-white people talking opt out - a major nightmare for the deformers who have preyed on the communities with their testing and charter school agendas.

Here's the you tube link: http://youtu.be/xDWjuKK7dnQ


Last year I wrote about an early stage opt out movement wedging into the black middle class schools after Change the Stakes was asked by a PTA president to visit her school and talk to a PTA meeting. I filled in that morning and saw what was coming. And I bet so did the ed deform crowd running state and city education which is why they created their puny changes in the tests to try to undue the opt out momentum, which once it dies, they will pull another slam dunk.
Mark Naison comments on this issue on a panel in January 2016:

BK Nation Forum Defuses Stereotypes About Opt Out as a "White Movement"

Things are shakin' but we will see how far the deformers, including our own Unity Caucus leaders, will defuse things when the numbers begin to come in.

Also time to revist the Bald Piano Man opt out video from last year: https://youtu.be/D066lb9fbQA

He also did this funny video 

Pearson Rep DEFENDS The Tests - It's Stupid to Opt Out!! (DON'T WORRY - IT'S JUST A JOKE!!!)

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