Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Test Scorer Reports Extremely Poor Math Scores in Central Brooklyn

I have been scoring the state math tests for a few districts in Brooklyn. Most of the scores for elementary and middle school are 0 or 1 out of a total possible of 2 or 3. Many are almost all "0" for the whole sheet. The special ed classes are almost all "0"'s as well.
From the names you can tell that many are probably ESL students. Are these ESL students being instructed in their own language? The extended response questions are mostly reading tests. There are some tests written in Spanish, but if students are not taught in their language, what good does that do?

Those who support testing often say that we need the tests to show the schools/areas that "need" support.
Well testing to do this has gone on for over 10 years. Where is the "support" for these schools? Many have classes of 30 and over.

I think this has to be a major point going forward.....okay we know these areas need support and major resources....WHERE is it? It is time for ALL the money going into tests to be spent supporting these schools.

Many teachers are upset by the low scores, but some say it is the teachers fault. Teachers are soooo "uneducated". Many say that students need to learn to take the tests as they will have to take the tests later in their lives. 

Thank you UFT for "not educating" teachers.


  1. If I heard a supposed educator say that I might be hauled away by police after punching them.

  2. Jason Goldman was served with a subpoena according to todays NY Post. It states that last week the UFT was served naming Goldman. Not very good timing for folks running for election.


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