Wednesday, May 4, 2016

$1.5 Milion Common Core PD for UFT as Mulgrew Jumps on Gravy Train Plus DOE Contract With Joel Kein/Murdoch's Failed Amplify

Mulgrew wanted to punch you in the face if you took his common core - less than 2 years ago. Then as the worm turned the Unity Caucus/UFT leadership started talking trash about the common core. But that doesn't stop them from jumping on the gravy train for the teacher center which is a patronage mill for Unity to the tune of $1.5 million from state ed dept.

Another bribe to the UFT to keep them on board ed deform policies?

Think about this when your UFT election ballot arrives this weekend and not only VOTE MORE but also make sure the people in your school consider doing the same. Let's turn this corrupt union upside down.

Reports of a big retroactive UFT contract for Common Core PD:

Inline image 2

Retroactive UFT contract for $ 1.5M supposedly named in state grant as vendor – also got a federal SIG grant which supposedly explains the delay in asking for the contract’s approval.

Check out what it’s being spent on:

pp. 94-95
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And why not give life to Joel Klein's Rosemary's Baby, Amplify -  see new Amplify contract  p. 89 $650K per year for seven years at $4.6 M
"Amplify advised that Mr. Klein is no longer an employee, is not one of the investors, nor does he service on its Board, however, he may serve as an advisory." Translation: Uncle Joel will still be on the DOE dole.
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