Thursday, May 19, 2016

#MORE2016 - Lauren Cohen Did It - You Can too - Get Out Your Organization Sheets and GOTV - 3 days left

Lauren Cohen on FB: Norm Scott you’ll be proud to hear that I’ve been carrying the table of organization everywhere I go and pestering everyone I see---
I am proud of Lauren Cohen in every way. If I had a daughter ----- I may adopt her anyway.

Even in places with activists like Lauren pulling out the vote is a tough job. Even of we get 25% of the people to vote - up from 18% in 2013 - that means 75% or more of the people you work with have not yet voted -- even if they told you they were going to vote -- get them to send you a selfie of the ballot going into the mailbox. It is too late to get replacement ballots and ballots are due on Wed. May 25 by 5PM. So Monday would be the last day to mail them. By a box of Mallomars and offer people a taste of heaven for bringing in their ballot.

Look at that chart --- almost 60% of her school has voted and yet she continues to try to flush out every vote.

The fact is that most MORE votes will come from the schools where our people are trusted and respected. 

I believe that every MORE vote is a message to Mulgrew that the UFT cannot be allowed to continuing functioning as it has. I heard this from a few delegates yesterday at the DA who were upset at the manipulation of debate - something which doesn't seem to bother the Unity slugs who sit there like lemmings. And from CLs at schools with awful and vicious principals and how the UFT does nothing.

People don't care whether MORE is too social justice or not -- they care about people standing up for them and if the MORE person in the school is doing that they will vote blindly for MORE. The problem is that MORE doesn't yet have enough people who are advocates in the schools. They have people who say they are distributing leaflets but it stops at that -- they are far from doing what Lauren is doing and what Arthur did at FLHS:
What I Learned at GOTV at Francis Lewis HS -

Now some people in every school will still vote Unity and in Unity led schools where the Unity person is working for them at the school level even if they are working against their interested by the very nature of their joining and running with Unity -- and we pointed to 220 Unity CLs who are running with them and count another 2-300 or more Unity people in the schools who are not running in the election -- see the lists of 750-800 Unity people running:
Today's schedule:
Dropped in at a high school where I found Eva had already occupied some prime real estate. I had to go up to 5, 7 and 8 floors. One school I ran into the CL who said someone had put them in the boxes - she didn't know who. I did another school and in the 3rd the secretary said the boxes were in the staff room and it was locked and that she would put it in for me so I passed.

I managed to get rid of a whole batch of leaflets at the DA - I had shlepped them around all day in Botanic Garden where I met Angel Gonzalez yesterday. But I still have some in my car and a few on hand - tomorrow will be it for me -- whatever I have will be going into schools. Will it do any good? Not very much - other than some branding of MORE and New Action.

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