Monday, May 9, 2016

Unity Caucus Candidates E-K: The 750 AFT Convention Goers Who Vote as ONE

Continuing our series of Unity people who are getting a free ride on our dues at a cost of $2 million to Minneapolis this summer to rubber stamp whatever Randi wants - and Randi is actually running as one of OUR delegates. Go figure.

Now say MORE/NA gets 20% of the vote - those 20% are being taxed (dues) without representation at AFT/NYSUT conventions. Is there a law suit somewhere calling for a refund of dues paid to these parent organizations for those voting against Unity?

That is why pumping up the vote for MORE makes a better case for democratizing the UFT and bringing voices free of loyalty oaths to the table. One thing I can say about the MORE candidates who are running - if any of them win they will not be under a MORE loyalty oath and free to push their ideas into the UFT. Imagine if there were even a 100 MORE supporters going to these conventions? We would see a new ball game in the national and state unions.

Previous lists posted on ed notes:

Camille Eaddy
Evelyn Edwards
Paul Egan
Roberta Eisenberg
Frederick Eisman
Rosamund Elbourne
Salvatore Emanuele
Jacqueline Endelson
Myra Entenberg
Claude Ertel
Marcus Escobar DR
Elizabeth Espert
Giovanni Espinoza
Alan Ettman PTRet
Kerri Evangelista
Sarah Evans
Timothy Evans
Dana Falciglia FT
June Feder
Daniel Federico
Eileen Feliciano
Robert Fernandez
Michele Ferraro
Eileen Fields
Tracie Fields
Patricia Filomena PTRet
Katherine Finkelstein
Sheila Fishbane
Sandra Flecha
Melissa Fleming
Meredith Fogelman Birmingham
Judy Forbes
Catalina Fortino x
Maria Francisco
Tanisha Franks
Rona Freiser
Ilyana Frias
Charles Friedman Ret
Antonietta Fuccio
Jay Futterman
Vincent Gaglione Ret
Ellen Gallin-Procida
Diane Ganz
Stephen Gappelberg
Gloria Garvey
John Garvey
Yvette Geary
Ava Geddis
Analia Gerard
Judith Gerowitz DR 21
Renee Gestone-Setteducato
Nicole Giannone Astarita
Ladesha Gill Bey
Sonya Gimondo
Mary Ginese
Mildred Glaberman
Charles Goasdoue
Heather Goldberg
Jason Goldberg
Steven Goldberg DR
Anne Goldman Off
Alfred Gonzales
Mona Gonzalez
Peter Goodman
Vivian Goodman
Shayshana Gourdine
Diane Grant
Maggie Grant
Monique Green
Gloria Greenhut
Michelle Griffin
Steven Grossman
Iliana Guzman
Elvera Hall
Hyacinth Hall
Greer Hansen-Velazquez
Anthony Harmon
John Harrington
Pearline Harris
Carol Harrison DR
Esta Heitner
Nichol Hendricks
Christina Hepburn
Carolyn Herbst
Geraldine Herkowitz
Alexandra Hernandez
Michael Herron
Mayra Hiciano-Cruz
Virginia Hill
Christine Hilliard
Janella Hinds Off
Leopold Hoenig
Catherine Holleran
Deborah Holt
Tamara Horowitz
Leah Hosten
Ricardo Hoyen
Judith Huggins
Quentin Huie
Jasmin Hunt
Brenda Hutto
Shauna Innis
Theresa Janousek
Mona Jelks
Raymond Jenkins
Ann Johneris
Helena Johnson
Eula Jones
Taneeka Jones
Regina Joseph-Solomon
Angela Kahn
William Kalogeras
Dorothy Kamps
John Kamps
Stuart Kaplan
Mindy Karten Bornemann
Bonnie Katz
Herbert Katz
David Kazansky FT
Mary Keegan
Khiera Kersey Heggs
Joseph Kessler DR
Haseeb Khawaja
Lynne Ann Kilroy
Linda King
Rick King
Mitch Klages Bombich
Anthony Klug FT
Lillian Kohler
Michael Kullman
Iris Kupferstein
Paul Kutcher
George Kuzar Jr


Anonymous said...

So, if MORE wins, they won't go to the convention at all? Or they'll send a small contingent? Or they'll ask delegates to pay their own way? Which is it, Norm?

And if Jia is elected UFT Prez and goes on to become AFT Prez, and still needs to be a delegate from a local, is it okay if UFT gives her a place on ballot? Will u still say wtf then?

ed notes online said...

If MORE wins you may still get to go because it will be proportional based on vote % like many primaries -- note how you never even touch on that key question.
You all vote as one so you might as well send Mulgrew to cast 750 votes and save us $2 million bucks.
And Randi needs a local? Why take up slots from real teachers. Send her from Minnesota. actually she is president so why does she need a local.
And look how many retirees on your list while working teachers get no voice.
Do these lists make you nervous? I bet most teachers in the schools don't even know their Unity CL is getting this perk.

James Eterno said...

Great public service Norm. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why would the list make anyone nervous? The convention is a show of force. One man can't have a convention. Let's concede your point re proportionality, but I dont see how we save money on conventions w MORE. I dont know rules but I think it makes sense that Randy needs to be part of a local.

Anonymous said...

Why are Unity slugs stopping by to defend themselves?