Monday, May 9, 2016

Unity Caucus Candidates A-D: The 750 AFT Convention Goers Who Vote as ONE

Continuing our series of publishing the list that appears on your UFT election ballot of all loyalty-oath signing Unity Caucus candidates running for AFT/NYSUT delegate. Last night we published the 222 chapter leader list - A List of 222 School Level Chapter Leaders Running for Unity: Loyalty Oathers Who Will Sell You Out When Told To which appeared to offend some Unity Caucus people who left comments defending themselves, which have sparked some responses.

I am doing the rest of the 750, many of them district reps, retirees, officers and UFT staffers plus others I do not know. If you know them and what they do leave a comment and I'll fill in the info. I'm doing this in alphabetical order because there are so many.

By the way - did you know that Randi is running as one of OUR delegates?

Do the math just for the upcoming AFT convention: Airfare to Minneapolis, at least 4 or more nights in a top level hotel, meal money. Figure at least $2000 a head times - make it 800 because they shlep special guests along too. I get almost $2 million of your dues going to cover this junket. No wonder they will sell your whatever bridge the leadership is putting on the market.

Again, thanks to Jonathan Halabi for gathering the info.

Melvyn Aaronson Off
Alan Abrams DR 22
Shelvy Abrams
Kenneth Achiron Ret
Yona Adika
Andrea Agre
Don Albright
Karen Aldorando
Emma Alexander
Karen Alford VP EL
Roseanne Alkhatib
Renee Allen Walker
Lorina Allert
Sherease Alston
Bradley Alter
George Altomare Ret
Carmen Alvarez Off
John Amato
Seva Amos
Sharon Anderson
Marie Andino
Donna Anglin
Sophy Aponte
Lisa Arian
Portia Armstrong
Angela Artis
Amy Arundell FT
Robert Astrowsky Ret
Patricia Atia DR
Mary Atkinson FT
Ina Babb-Henry
Joshua Baez
Sherlyn Bailey
Dolores Balboa
Tracey Ball Douglas
Adreianne Barksdale
Anthony Barnes
Leroy Barr Off
Claudette Bart
Nancy Barth-Miller
Normel Batson
Reynold Batson
Timothy Becker
Alexander Bell
Mashantuck Bell
Bertha Bell-Lee
Jacqueline Bennett FT
Thomas Bennett
Robert Berger
Phyllis Berk
Jeffrey Bernstein FT
Doreen Berrios-Castillo
Doreen Bevilacqua
Howard Bloch Ret
Linda Bloch
Peter Bloch
Patricia Bonadonna
Sally-Ann Bongiovanni
Klaus Bornemann
Margaret Borrelli FT
Kendra Bowman-Burns
Jennifer Brancaccio
Jocelyn Brathwaite
Erika Brown
Helena Brown
Joan Brown
Shajada Brown
Thomas Brown Off
Glenda Bryant-Bonas
Vasiliki Buccellatto
Adeliz Burgos
Zina Burton-Myrick FT
Robert Burwick
Robert Cain
Isabella Calisi-Wagner
Sandra Callahan
Jose Camacho
Emelina Camacho Mendez FT
Paulette Camarinos
Carl Cambria
Brian Campbell
David Campbell
Brenda Caquias
Cassie Carlo
Chandice Carroll
Andrea Carte
Frank Carucci Ret
Leo Casey x- wtf?
Casserene Cassells
Priscilla Castro
Angelo Caterina
Floresta Chapman
Donna Chartash
Monica Christie
Dwayne Clark FT
Bernadette Clemons
Michelle Cohen-Weill
Joseph Colletti
Mark Collins
Dominique Colon
Reginald Colvin
Catherine Connolly
Aracelia Cook
Alice Cooper DR 27
Donna Coppola
Cecilia Cortez
Rosemarie Cortijo
Doreen Crinigan
Patricia Crispino FT
Theresa Ann Crivelli
Yadira Cruz
Melissa Cuadrado
Santina D'Angelo
Tabio Da Cruz
Clare Daley
Rodrick Daley
Margaret Dalton-Diakite
Michelle Daniels
Rita Danis
Elizabeth Darby
Allison Davis
Marina Davis
Maria De Candia
Anthony Debetta
Regine Dejean
Evelyn Dejesus
Arlevia Deloach
Cathy Deluca
Adhim Deveaux
Robin Di Palma
Ellen Diamond Jones
Lorraine Donlon
Kerry Dowling
Ellen Driesen
James Duncan
Sandra Dunn-Yules
Pamela Durante
Tammie Durosinmi
Bridget Dyzenhaus

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