Saturday, May 21, 2016

Child Brings Loaded Gun to Charter School - They Bury the Story

Spike in weapons seized in schools, pro-charter group reports... Chalkbeat, March 18, 2016
Another slam from the slimeballs at Families for Excellent Schools (FES) given serious consideration by Chalkbeat, most likely funded by the same people. FES could make any claims and Chalkbeat will treat it as serious news.

So when I heard this interesting story yesterday from a friend of a charter school teacher my ears perked up.

A kid brings a loaded gun to a Brooklyn charter school - albeit it is missing some piece that is needed to fire it. He says he was bringing it for some other kid who wanted to shoot someone.

Kid is suspended for 2 weeks and then returned to class.

Teacher reports police not notified or any reports filed. Story buried.

It is not surprising that a charter would suppress this story.

If this happened in a public school it would be blasted all over the place.

Years ago a MORE person told me how a bag of cocaine was found on a desk in an office of a prominent well-connected charter school by one of the custodians - he left it there to go on with his work. When he returned later it was gone. Buried. 

We can just imagine what gets buried in charter schools --

Chaz reported: Thanks To De Blasio And Farina Schools Are Becoming More Unsafe.
New York Post's Susan Edelman has published another important article on the New York City Public Schools, this time its about weapons in the schools.  According to the article there has been a 26% increase in weapons confiscated for this school year compared to last.  Of the 1,751 weapons confiscated, 698 came from schools with metal detectors, yet the Mayor is under pressure to eliminate these safeguards.
We know the NY Post has an agenda - to make things look as bad for de Blasio as they can - just the opposite of their protection of Bloomberg. Do you think there is any interest from the pro-charter school Post in finding out about weapons in charter schools?

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