Wednesday, May 4, 2016

POTUS16: Indiana a win-win for Trump, a lose-lose for Hillary - Will Dem Party Arrogance of Assumptions Be Wiped Off their faces?

Roseanne McCosh comments: Dems know it'll always be a nose hold or a compromise that results in a vote for a democrat....but what if they get it wrong this time? What if we hold our nose and vote for Trump? .... By 2016 my hatred for the Democratic Party (Obama and his RTT, Cuomo! and Hillary), has deep roots and I will now vote republican regardless of who it is until the democrats earn my vote back.... Hillary is a pro war corporate whore. And if that's the best the dems can present to me on election day then I'm going republican. At least they tell me upfront that they're going to f%#k me and 99% of the things I care about. Hilary, like Obama, is the handsome charming guy who promises you wine and roses and then slips you a roofie.... For the first time since I naively voted for Ronald Reagan at the age of 19 in 1984, I will be voting for the republican presidential candidate. After 1984 I voted democrat until I voted Green Party in 2012..... 
Trump won and it is pretty much all over for the Republican nomination while Hillary lost and will have to deal with Bernie till the bitter end. Who woulda predicted this even a few weeks ago?

How much trouble are Hillary and the Democrats in? Can Trump actually win? Roseanne commented on my post: POTUS16: On Elections and Political Parties - Part 1

Hillary lost Indiana to Bernie and the slow drip goes on. How many Bernie supporters will vote Trump or not vote at all or go Green?
I picked up my friend this morning coming off the red-eye after 4 months in California, a former DOE guy, and he said he just won't vote of write someone in.

I think teachers - especially those who have experienced ed deform first hand at the hands of the Dems - are very risky - and Randi's umbilical connection to the Dems and Hillary - and also the way the AFT/UFT/NYSUT endorsed her - will see some chickens come home to roost no matter how much they pull the scared of Trump card.  
I have been hearing similar thoughts from some people - maybe not enough to influence the election in crucial states. I've written about my surprise when I was at the NPE on some Bernie supporters saying they will not vote for Hillary and rather than not voting or going 3rd party they will vote for Trump partly in spite but also hoping for that things will go so far downhill under him we will see a Bernie type candidate in 2020 who can make real changes.

On the other hand, just as many Republicans will not vote for Trump - especially the hawks who see Hillary as a better choice. Plus many women and others. So despite desertions from the left Trump will face more from the right. The establishment Republicans may well feel more comfortable with Hillary.

And how about that Hillary stuff with the coal miner where she had to walk back from talking about being proud to take their jobs with no plan for supporting them - pretty much the entire free trade thingy where there was no plan for retraining - in the neo-liberal world it is sink or swim.

Here are some interesting articles on where Hillary really stands.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: How Neoliberal is Hillary Clinton?


Is Hillary Clinton a neoconservative hawk? What Iraq and Libya decisions tell us about her foreign policy

Hillary got Iraq vote wrong, and Libya and Syria too. If she were setting the policies, what would they look like?


Anonymous said...

Rosemary's logic defies comprehension. In order to punish the Democrats, who have disappointed her, she will vote for the Republicans who promise to destroy her. One can vote third party or just stay home. But to vote for Trump as a protest against Hillary is, well, I can't think of the right adjective, but if I could, I don't think it would compliment her sanity, intelligence, common sense, or sense of proportion. Let's be kind and just say it is unwise.

ed notes online said...

I don't think it defies comprehension at all. "Disappointed" her or helped savage the entire profession people have put their lives into? Really, haven't the Dems done the destroying? And then come playing the lesser of 2 evils card? A vote for Trump from many of these people is not just a protest against Hillary but something more that I can't quite put my finger on. Some are feeling that on education alone it can't be worse - so if that is your focus issue then they might even think that it can get better - just savaging common core. Do they go after the unions? Some people think that the arrogant leadership needs a lesson of having dues checkoff taken away. Do I agree - no but I do understand. Watch those 800 Unity lemmings put their cards up at AFT and NYSUT to vote om policies harmful to teachers time and again and tell me how that is any different.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a known entity. She wants to close "below average" schools. She is bought and sold by corporate contributors. We all know what she will do for public education. Trump is a crap shoot. I am with Roseanne. I am not voting for Hillary.

Abigail Shure

Anonymous said...

Trump 2016...from a pro union
educator who feels cuomo obama and the dems have used us for years...maybe a few years in the cold will get us back to our roots

Anonymous said...

You may not agree with the resulting decision of my logic but the logic is legit. I hate the democrats. I don’t hate people who have merely disappointed me. Teacher bashing has become America’s national pastime and the democrats are most certainly either culpable by virtue of doing nothing or actively attacking us themselves. Our president and our governor are democrats. Both have proven themselves to be enemies of teachers. I believe I am sane but everyone thinks they’re sane, including complete nut jobs, so what’s the point in debating one’s sanity. I could argue the same for one’s intelligence and common sense. So I will address my sense of proportion. Voting Green Party in 2012 was a half measure (a nod to fellow Breaking Bad fans). I’m done with half measures with respect to the democrats. I’m am in full measure mode in terms of how I will now vote. I would like to see the complete annihilation of the Democratic Party as we know it. And that will never happen as long as we democrat leaning voters take half measures. Anything less than a full measure tells the democrats they have us by the balls during elections. What’s the difference between someone who promises to destroy you and someone who stabs you in the back while they smile to your face? Once the knife goes in, you’re dead either way. Call me crazy. Call me stupid. Call me one who is unwise and lacks common sense. Call me whatever the hell you want. Who cares? But come November, you’ll all be calling me the voter who said, “F#%K YOU” to the dems and cast her ballot for Donald Trump. Roseanne McCosh