Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#MORE2016 - The school secretary leaned over and whispered the words I was eager to hear - I voted for you guys

As I stop by schools putting leaflets in mail boxes - trying to get a few more votes out of the 80% who still haven't voted -  I have some interesting reaction with people. Make sure to read the recent Eterno posts at the ICE blog on GOTV: ICEUFT Blog

How I spend my Days: Monday May 16

A chapter leader helps me stuff boxes
I was in a building that had a high school and  an elementary school. I usually have no problems but they wouldn't let me in - they rolled their eyes at the tight control the school administrations exhibit - they indicated some level of paranoia - so they called the chapter leader of the high school and he said he would come down. I expected trouble from a Unity slug - that is my nature - to expect a Unity slug. But he came over and shook my hand and said he would help me stuff the boxes. "I supported ICE and TJC," he said. He told me how less than useless his district rep was.

He had voted already but didn't expect most of his colleagues to vote - but even though I suggested it he did not seem committed running a big GOTV campaign other than to make a point at the upcoming union meeting. It's about a 100 staff member high school and even if he got 30 people to vote for us it would help.

A secretary says "YES"
Next I headed over to the elementary school - the guards warned me I would have an even tougher time there. The secretary came over to ask me what I had and the minute she saw she said she knew about it - she seemed to recognize Jia - and told me to go ahead - and then she leaned over and whispered - I voted for you.

Then it was off to meet up with Julie Woodward - we found ourselves at the Roosevelt Island tram and both of us took it for the first time and hung out at Roosevelt Island for a few hours.

Tuesday, May 17
I have to find a hardware story for some minor plumbing so I headed into Queens and figured I would get rid of a few more leaflets.

A principal's glee
I hit a few k-8 schoosl in Queens. At the first I had no problem but at the 2nd the secretary wouldn't let me do it without checking with the principal first - uh oh -- this is a notoriously Unity district with many chapter leaders being in Unity. The principal came over and I told her what I was there for - that we are running against Mulgrew. "Good" she said - it's a shame what he has done to the teachers. I was a teacher myself." She not only let me do it but she seemed to get a big kick out of it -- telling the secretary "she- meaning the CL who is probably a Mulgrew fan.

Then the principal says - if you have extras would you like to put them in the staff room? Sure- where is it - let me take you there, she says and escorts me there. Does she hate Mulgrew, the CL or both?

Another Secretary
Finally I head over to a small elementary school where I get into a chat with the secretaries. One of them voted already - she said if she didn't send in the ballot right away she would not have voted. She had no idea who we were so I assume she voted Unity - she is a year short of retirement. The CL stopped by and seemed a bit nervous - took down my name -- I don't seem many - if any - votes coming from that school but maybe the leaflet will spur a few people to dig up their ballot.

CPE1 Rally at Tweed
I was done for the day and got home at 3PM and saw an email from the parent leader of Central Park East 1 asking me to come to the 4:30 rally at Tweed because they had not arranged for taping. It was drizzling and I was tired and had my writing group meeting at 7 in Park Slope and wasn't going to go. But I had some coffee, grabbed the camera and was out of the house by 3:40 and at the rally before 5 - just in time to hear Jia Lee address the over 300 people on the steps of Tweed.

I was invigorated by the amazing CPE people and their supporters. Hey Hey Hey Ho - Principal Monika Garg has got to go.

Jia and I headed back to Brooklyn on the R train and I got to my writers group - now almost a decade old - by 7 where we talked about the novels I and a former school colleague are working on.
Home by 9:30 and started processing the video and then watched the end of the Mets game.

Today I am off to meet up with old pal Angel Gonzalez (Holy Batman - Lew Friedman and Angel Gonzalez, Two...) at Botanic Garden before stopping by the DA to support some MORE colleagues and then meeting my wife who is going to the Frank Langella matinee which addresses Alzheimers - no thank you - for dinner - if I can remember where I have to be.

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