Thursday, May 12, 2016

#MORE2016 HOW TO VOTE in 6 EASY STEPS Plus Election Events in Brooklyn, Upper Manhattan

People tell me that their school is voting MORE/NA but I don't believe it since this happens every time and our vote totals in the past would have been way larger if this were actually  true. What must happen is hand holding - an in school event to encourage people to vote because this is not just a priority for most people. when the votes are counted 2 weeks from today people will be shocked at how low they will be and that will lead them to question the legitimacy of the process but as I pointed out yesterday (UFT Elections, #MORE2016: How to Vote and Can Unity Steal the Vote?) I see no real way for them to cheat once the ballot is sent in to AAA. I hear all sorts of ideas to increase the vote count, including in school voting which to me is an open invitation to steal the election. And just watch - if we ever get close Unity will call for in school elections to "get the vote count up" - yes, their vote count. But until MORE gets closer there is no reason for Unity to cheat.

One of the reasons the vote for the opposition is not higher is that not enough of our people on the ground do an in school get out the vote event. They just assume that putting leaflets in the mail boxes is enough. What is needed it to take an organization sheet and go to every UFT member in your building and take a poll.

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Staff Letter 3

Well, this election crap can't end soon enough for me. Two more weeks and I am free from my sense of obligation. Never again. I have gardening to do and I want to take drawing and painting classes and get to the gym and yoga more often.

Requests keep coming in from chapter leaders who we don't know asking for MORE lit so their members can see both sides. MORE doesn't have full-time employees who work for the UFT to deliver these leaflets so I get to do it. I should send the union a bill for a partial dues refund to cover my gas since they are delivering leaflets and lobbying on my dime.

This morning I'm heading over to a high school in Queens to assist the chapter leader with a Get Out the Vote Campaign where people will bring in a ballot to show they are voting and get some strudel or other goodie to eat - the real reason I am going. We hope they will vote for MORE but will not lobby for that unless someone asks our opinion. This is a big school and the votes there can be a deciding factor in the high school vote.

Then this afternoon I'm heading to a Bay Ridge for an election GOTV happy hour sponsored by MORE/New Action teachers at a nearby large high school. The Kettle Black is the bar at 8622 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 in case you want to drop by from 4PM on.

I'll have all the trimmings
The votes at these 2 few remaining large high schools where MORE has a presence are probably the key to winning the high schools, especially since Unity has control of many of the other large high schools in Brooklyn and Queens and certainly Staten Island. We hit them with leaflets but don't have a strong counter in the buildings to the Unity line. My guess is Unity is working overtime to pull out their votes in their large high schools, which is why I am not sure about winning the high schools - but if we don't I get compensated with that Luger steak Schirtzer has to treat me to.

There is also an uptown Manhattan event:

Join MORE-UFT for Happy Hour at Harlem Tavern on Friday

Thanks so much for all you’ve already done to help MORE/NEW ACTION win this election! You’ve been spreading the word, ballots are out, and it’s time for us to get together for some collaboration and celebration!

We’ll come together at Harlem Tavern this Friday, May 13th, from 4-7 pm. It will be a great chance to meet other educators, enjoy Friday, and share ideas for last minute getting out the vote & movement-building. As always, we're happy to talk shop and strategize around issues in your school too. 
RSVP on facebook, or by responding to this e-mail, and spread the word by inviting your co-workers there and with this flier.

In the meantime, be sure your co-workers know how to vote- just by checking of the first page! You can share this video to help.

Thank You,
Megan, Peter, and your fellow uptown MORE-UFT activists

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