Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#MORE2016 UFT Election Video: Dan Lupkin and Megan Moskop

I just love these videos showcasing the active members of MORE. Note that these are people on the front end of their careers with a long way to go. As someone who hasn't seen this age group (20s to 40ish) active in the opposition to Unity since the 70s I find that invigorating. Of course we also always track the long-time staying power of people who if they don't see some movement in policy within the UFT can get discouraged or just lose interest. The future of the opposition will not be told when this election ends but over the next year or two when there is no election activity. I dropped in to last night's MORE steering committee meeting and saw signs of post-election planning for the summer series. After the election I'm going to delve into some history and will explore the group dynamics both positive and negative.

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