Monday, May 30, 2016

MORE's Katie Lapham: Recognizing Effective Teaching Without Danielson's Rubric

Where in Charlotte Danielson’s 2013 Framework for Teaching rubric, which is currently being used throughout the United States to measure teacher practice, is the component for teaching empathy, for inspiring students and for giving them tools, as well as the motivation, to keep from giving up on life?... Katie Lapham 
The quality of an organization is reflected in the people it attracts. While Jia Lee, Julie Cavanagh, Lauren Cohen and Mindy Rosier may have more recognition within the UFT, Katie Lapham, who ran for an Ex Bd elementary school position, is well-known on social media for her penetrating analysis of issues related to high stakes testing on her Critical Classrooms blog.

Here Katie drills down on what the Danielson rubric ignores and the fact that it ignores these critical factors is a condemnation of Charlotte Danielson herself for attempting to turn the art of teaching into a formula.
Recently, the talented film editor Michael Elliot produced a four-minute-long film honoring Eileen Daniel Riddle and James Gilchrist, two retired theater arts teachers from Agoura Hills, California who changed his life and those of many of his classmates. 40 years later, we are moved by the testimonials of Riddle and Gilchrist’s former students.  “I love this man so much,” exclaims one woman as she hugs James Gilchrist.  “They were the spark that set my life in motion,” remarks Michael Elliot who also credited Eileen Daniel Riddle with helping students find beauty through pain.  Please share with Michael your story of a teacher who inspired you.  Visit
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