Monday, May 16, 2016

Jacobin: Burying the White Working Class - Liberal condescension towards white workers is code for a broader anti-working class agenda

While the essence of the Clinton Democratic Party has been to take what social-democratic parties had traditionally pursued as rights — health care, education, housing, etc. — and return them to the market, another Democratic candidate is telling the working class that it doesn’t have to be satisfied with scraps.... Jacobin
Mike Fiorillo posted this interesting Jacobin piece on ICE-Mail. The piece points to the Bernie support from white working class (the Democratic version of the Trump vote) and shows how the liberal media try to brand this support as racist.

While the article doesn't touch on ed deform and the Democratic Party attack on teachers though privatization campaigns, read between the lines. Some of the same disaffection coming from white voters in the primaries also exist in the teaching corps.

This piece comes from the socialist left and thus doesn't touch on what I often detect coming from some segments of the left and their attitudes toward the white working class, particular male white working class.  Some people on the left divide the world into 2 segments: white privilege males and the rest.

I've pointed out in the past that I know a batch of Bernie supporters who will vote for Trump.

The article delves into the race issue as a dividing line between white working class and people of color.
 unlike with the white working class, many of the hardships workers of color face fit neatly within an acceptable liberal narrative about what’s wrong with our society: racism. And when racism can be blamed, capitalism can be exonerated.
More and more, liberals just point and scream: “racist.” Certainly, many members of the white working class reject the Obama/Clinton program of inclusion and meritocracy for reactionary reasons (and vote Republican), many more are pretty lukewarm about it. When polled, they support far more egalitarian policies like the kind associated with the Sanders campaign. But when it comes down to it, few of them show up on election day.
And frankly, it’s hard to blame them. There’s not much in it for them. There’s no political party looking out for their interests — only ones telling them to do more with less.

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Burying the White Working Class

Liberal condescension towards white workers is code for a broader anti-working class agenda.