Sunday, May 8, 2016

A List of 222 School Level Chapter Leaders Running for Unity: Loyalty Oathers Who Will Sell You Out When Told To

Some people ask me who are the 750 Unity delegates that will elected and will get the perks of the Unity patronage machine with free trips and union job offers.

Thanks to the work of Jonathan Halabi for putting together a list of all Unity people who are running -- 222 Unity CLs from the schools are running in the election (the list may not be complete and I am not including CLs from functional chapters).

They are part of the 750-800 who will go to this July's AFT convention in Minneapolis (we will publish some more including district reps and other in the future), all expenses paid by our dues, to vote as ONE for anything Randi and Mulgrew wants them to vote for. They will also go to the NYSUT convention next April and stay at the NY Hilton to make sure Unity keeps control against any challenge from Stronger Together. Also on our dues.

When the 2018 contract comes up for a vote, no matter how onerous it is, they will sell it to the members of their schools. They owe their loyalty to Unity and the UFT leadership, not the members who elected them. Now there are even more Unity CLs and some delegates who are not running for election. Who knows exactly hoe many CLs and delegates they have - and if you add functionals and retirees (300) they have the DA under control - unless and until the non-affiliated start attending en masse.

Their numbers explain how they can control the Delegate Assembly. These are the ground troops Unity uses to control the membership.

That is why I maintain that the more important elections are the chapter leaders and delegates (next in 2018) than this election because each one of these people will extract some votes out of their schools.

My guess is that the opposition needs to get people active in 500 schools before they can dent the Unity machine enough to make a difference.

I sorted them by district. High Schools are district 71-73 and 76-79, reflecting the borough high school districts.

First Name Last Name Division District School
Donnamaria Fiscina ES       1 Public School 015M
Dennis Gault ES       1 Public School 019M
Ellen Gentilviso K8       1 Public School 110M
Kelvin Almonte ES       2 Public School 002M
Jessica Harvey ES       2 Public School 003M
Gloria Winograd ES       2 Public School 006M
Haydee Melendez ES       4 Public School 155M
Benjy Blatman ES       5 Public School 125M
Beverly Dais ES       5 Public School 154M
Alexandra Fischer JH       5 Kappa Iv 302M
Conchita Fluitt ES       5 Public School 197M
Peggy Girtman-Atkins K8       5 Public School 161M
Marquis Harrison JH       5 Frederick Douglass Acad-M
Faiza Khalid ES       5 Public School 036M
Lee Nelson ES       6 Public School 005M
Zacharaiah Plotkin IS       6 Intermediate School 052M
Ruanlisa Seignious ES       6 Public School 132M
Marie Baker AD       7 Ms/Hs 368 Info & Network
Rashad Brown IS       7 Intermediate School 224X
Daniel Burke AD       7 Bx Envision Acad
Dawn Campi ES       7 Public School 029X
Ross Chodan AD       7 Urban Asmbly Math & Sci
James Council IS       7 Ms 296X @ I184X
Josef Donnelly AD       7 International Comm Hs
Sierra Jorgensen ES       7 Public School 157X
Evan Lewis AD       7 The Leadership Inst
Corinne Barros ES       8 Public School 062X
Jeanette Cano-Lawson ES       8 Public School 048X
Roxanne Mathurin ES       8 Public School 093X
Tracie Abrigo ES       9 Public School 063X
Bernadette Alexander ES       9 Public School 204X
Kimberly Felder AD       9 Bx Schl Law/Gov/Justice H
Monica Hilton ES       9 Public School 028X
Adrienne Moore ES       9 Public School 132X
Daiansa Padin ES       9 Public School 163X
Suri Santos-Paulus JH       9 Intermediate School 313X
Joann Sims IS       9 Intermediate School 219X
Michelle Allen ES       10 Public School 360X
Sandra Hernandez ES       10 Public School 205X
Egar Irizarry Jr ES       10 Public School 226X
Bonnie Kirkwood K8       10 Public School 279X
James Regan ES       10 Public School 095X
Mark Talty ES       10 Intermediate School 206X
Sakinah Taylor ES       10 Public School 033X
Lauren Weintraub ES       10 Public School 054X
Diane Lucas ES       11 Public School 103X
Christine O'Callaghan ES       11 Public School 106X
Timothy Rankin JH       11 Bx Alliance Middle School
Robert Roache AD       11 Bx Hs For Visual Arts
Karlene Turner IS       11 Intermediate School 144X
Ivan Borras IS       12 Entrada Acad 384X
Crystal Coss ES       12 Public School 061X
Erica Gabela JH       12 Intermediate School 190X
Donald Saint Germain VO       12 Bx Career & College Prep
Stevie Burrell AD       13 Bedford Acad Hs
Valentino Ellis AD       13 Benj Banneker Acad
Luther Lohr ES       13 Public School 287K
Pamela Curcio IS       14 Intermediate School 318K
Teri Mascioli ES       14 Public School 034K
Keith Miller IS       14 Intermediate School 071K
Charles Rabbach ES       14 Public School 297K
Andrew Stein ES       14 Public School 380K
Sergio Zamora JH       14 Jr High School 126K
Ariel Arroyo IS       15 Intermediate School 051K
Suzann Bassil ES       15 Public School 039K
Kathleen Massar ES       15 Public School 001K
June Boyd JH       16 Jr High School 057K
Ashley Brown AD       16 Rsrch And Srvc Hs
Latrice Curry ES       16 Public School 035K
Lesia Davidson ES       16 Public School 335K
Jean Derico ES       16 Public School 243K
Shalibra Frazier ES       16 Public School 262K
Shameeka Hunter-Tindal ES       16 Public School 081K
Sabina Nwenyi ES       16 Public School 028K Warren
Shawndell Stewart ES       16 Public School 005K
Wendy Walker Wilson ES       16 Public School 025K
Sandra Amede IS       17 Intermediate School 061K
Karen Haughton ES       17 Public School 092K
Lisa Highland ES       17 Public School 289K
Nomvuyo Hyman JH       17 Middle School 375K
Tracy Lee K8       17 Public School 161K
Barbara Reill ES       17 Public School 167K
Amy Bernstein ES       18 Public School 272K
Eileen Cohen ES       18 Public School 135K
James Enny IS       18 Intermediate School 068K
Gail Ericson ES       18 Public School 233K
Gordon Marshall IS       18 Intermediate School 211K
Christopher Townsend ES       18 Public School 268K
Errol Wade AD       18 Bklyn Acad Of Sci & Envir
Janet Zysberg K8       18 Public School 235K
Chaitram Aklu IS       19 Intermediate School 292K
Matthew Dunn JH       19 Van Siclen Community Ms (Dunn = Dunne?)
Lesley-Anne Jones ES       19 Public School 158K
Denise Salowski ES       19 Public School 214K
Joseph Usatch JH       19 Jhs 311K @ Ps 190K
Lynette Azar K8       20 Public School 180K
Joanne Carillo ES       20 Public School 186K
Beatrice Desapio IS       20 Intermediate School 062K
Joshua Houston IS       20 Intermediate School 030K
Haroula Koutsidis PRKC     20 Pre K Ctr @ K780
Thomas Pascarella ES       20 Public School 048K
Joanne Bullaro ES       21 Public School 100K
James Eugenio IS       21 Intermediate School 228K
Jackie Herman IS       21 Is 98K Bay Acad
Georgia Nikoloudakis ES       21 Public School 095K
Joann Savage ES       21 Public School 153K
Lance Schatzman ES       21 Public School 329K
Steven Blum ES       22 Public School 269K
Fern Carriero K8       22 Public School 207K
Cynthia Dinkins ES       22 Public School 139K
Lori Fiorentino ES       22 Public School 236K
Marie Kallo IS       22 Intermediate School 234K
Martha Murray K8       22 Ps/Ms 109K
Sean Blanks IS       23 Intermediate School 392K
Elizabeth Green K8       23 Public School 150K
Sonja Hill K8       23 Public School 041K
Dawn McDonald ES       23 Public School 284K
Christina Roundtree ES       23 Christopher Ave Comm Scho
Grace Small ES       23 Public School 156K
Richard Burke ES       24 Public School 019Q
Subrina Cek IS       24 Intermediate School 093Q
Diane Chiauzzi ES       24 Public School 153Q
Patricia Crowley IS       24 Intermediate School 005Q
Jeanne Gausman ES       24 Public School 239Q
Martin McKeown ES       24 Public School 143Q
Tracey Miller IS       24 Intermediate School 125Q
Rebecca Murphy ES       24 Public School 091Q
Joseph Natale IS       24 Intermediate School 061Q
Fredda Pichardo ES       24 Public School 007Q
Deborah Sherlock ES       24 Learners And Leaders Ps 3
Susan Stark ES       24 Public School 088Q
Loretta Tumbarello ES       24 Public School 229Q
Andrew Holz K8       25 Public School 164Q
Lamar Hughes ES       25 Public School 201Q
Teresa Fauvell K8       26 Ps/Is 266Q
Stacy Gangi ES       26 Public School 188Q
Kathleen Muzyka ES       26 Public School 173Q
David Waltzer JH       26 Jr High School 158Q
Simone Harris K8       27 Public School 043Q
Denise Johnson ES       27 Public School 104Q
John Krattinger K8       27 Public School 042Q
Victoria Primiano ES       27 Public School 062Q
Sandra Wilks-Duplan ES       27 Public School 223Q
Renee Williams ES       27 Public School 273Q
Arthur Zander IS       27 Intermediate School 210Q
Angela Morgan ES       28 Public School 050Q
Richard Niccolich ES       28 Public School 174Q
Anthony Valentino ES       28 Public School 139Q
Nancy Aromando ES       29 Public School 118Q
James Cutrone K8       29 Public School 138Q (James=Jamie?)
Melody Davis K8       29 Public School 268Q
Kristian Lisowski ES       29 Public School 033Q
Rana Quamina ES       29 Public School 135Q
Diane Allison ES       30 Public School 148Q
Jessica Baity ES       30 East Elmhurst Community S
Geraldine Clark ES       30 Public School 092Q
Adele Goldberg IS       30 Intermediate School 204Q
John Gordon IS       30 Intermediate School 145Q
Katherine Kurjakovic ES       30 Public School 011Q
Victoria Mulligan ES       30 Public School 078Q
Joann Rodeschin ES       30 Public School 150Q
Sandra Electra Rodriguez ES       30 Public School 151Q
Ashley Rzonca ES       30 Woodside Comm School Q361
Catherine Sarlo JH       30 Jr High School 010Q
Deborah Strack-Cregan ES       30 Public School 069Q
Noel Warshaw ES       30 Public School 127Q
Melody Anastasiou K8       31 The Si Sch Of Civic Ldrs
Kathleen Bayer ES       31 Public School 016R
Jessica Jacobs ES       31 Public School 052R
Matthew Kirwan ES       31 Ps 74R Future Leaders
Patricia Mezzacappa IS       31 Intermediate School 061R
Susan Pulice ES       31 Public School 056R
Veronica Torres-Romero ES       31 Public School 031R
Joyce Baldino IS       32 Intermediate School 383K
Debra Elhadri ES       32 Public School 075K
Helene Loomis ES       32 Public School 274K
Erin Oates IS       32 Evergreen Ms Urban Explor
Deneil Pollock-Campbell ES       32 Public School 299K
Richard Skibins ES       32 Public School 123K
Lia Galeano AD       71 M L King Arts & Tech Hs
Peter O'Donnell AD       71 M L King Hs For Law &
Glen Pandolfino AD       71 Hs For Environmental Stud
Tolleyne Dickerson AD       72 Bx Lab School
Matthew Foglino AD       72 Wings Acad Hs
Novelette Foote AD       72 Fordham Ldrshp Acad/Bus/T
Ana Garcia AD       72 Antonia Pantoja Prep Acad
Michael Hayes AD       72 Harry S Truman Hs
Alan Richter VO       72 Schl Tourism And Hospital
Catherine Scott AD       72 Bx Engineering Tech Acad
Maria Bucca AD       73 James Madison Hs
Deborah Caquias AD       73 Cultural Academy Of Arts
James Cochran AD       73 Hs For Youth & Community
Teresa D'Ambrosio AD       73 Sheepshead Bay Hs
Catena Daskalakis AD       73 New Utrecht Hs
Stuart Rothstein AD       73 Midwood Hs
Charlene Tuff AD       73 Edward R Murrow Hs
Michelle Arellano SP       75 Ps 138M @ Ps 030M
Shernice Blackman SP       75 Ps 177Q Robin Sue Ward Sc
Freddie Cole SP       75 X754 @ Jeffrey Rapport Bx
David Doorga SP       75 Public School 168X @ Ps 2
Lorraine Ferrannini SP       75 Public School 037R
Pierre Labissiere SP       75 Ps 53K @ Spring Creek Hs
Hans Marryshow SP       75 Ps 256Q @ Beach Channel H
DJ Meehan SP       75 Public School 224Q @ P26Q
Paula Thomas SP       75 Ps 4Q @ 179Q
Lisa Viscovi SP       75 Ps 993Q @ Ps 208Q
Alphonse Vota SP       75 Ps 721R @ The Hungerford
Shawn Ramos AD       76 New Dorp Hs
Michael Solo AD       76 John Dewey Hs
Kevin Wilkinson AD       76 Progress Hs
Adam Bergstein AD       77 Forest Hills Hs
Charles Dibenedetto AD       77 Richmond Hill Hs
Brian Gavin AD       77 Grover Cleveland Hs
Sharon Kletzkin AD       77 Math Sci Rsrch Hs
Vivian Nobile VO       77 Thomas A Edison Hs
Lucas Rule AD       77 Pathways College Prep Sch
Dino Sferrazza AD       77 Benjamin N Cardozo Hs
Jacqueline Shendler AD       77 Young Women'S Leadership
Michael Friedman AH       79 Pathways To Graduation Q9
Geraldo Maldonado AD       79 Manh Compre Night&Day
Mark Rentflejs AH       79 East Bklyn Community Hs
Troy Sill AD       79 Passages Acad


Anonymous said...

You forgot a few details but I am sure this post will be deleted. This is the front line forcing fighting for members every day. When the Principal summons you, they are there. When you have a grievance, they are there. When you have a question about benefits for your sick child, they are there. When you have a problem with your paycheck they are there. When it is time to protest, they are there. When it is time to rally, they are there. When it is time to gather your fellows to donate days when you are dying of cancer they are there. When your love one dies, they are there.

And yes they go to conventions and stick together because that helps all of us (including you Norm) because in Unity there is strength.

Anonymous said...

Holy $&@# !!!!!

Anonymous said...

You all must be taking lessons in comedy.

Anonymous said...

When the principal summons you you guys side with the principal. And when the district rep arrives he or she hugs the principal. You're on the wrong front line.

ed notes online said...

You are on the front lines of defending common core, taking money from the state ed dept, Eli Broad and Bill Gates. On the front line of opposing opt out. On the front line of supporting free market and opposing seniority rules. I could go on.

Jonathan said...

There are chapter leaders who do the job, and try to do it well. Some are Unity members. Some belong to MORE. I like to think I do a reasonably good job, and I am a co-ordinator of New Action. The first Anonymous poster (9:56) insults all the hard-working chapter leaders, volunteers all, who do not join Unity.

At the DAs, and in my case on the Exec Board, we vote as our conscience dictates, as we judge best for the members, or as the members of our chapters ask us to.

Unity chapter leaders have sold their votes. They do not vote their conscience, they do not use their best judgment, they do not follow the recommendations of their members. Instead, they vote as Unity instructs them, and they claim small jobs and a free trip or two as their rewards.

Anonymous would like to remain anonymous - the members who elect him probably think he represents them - and he's probably hoping they do not learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

You listed 222 Unity Chapter Leaders. This thread was about them. 9:56 never said that they were not other CLs who do a good job. We had in the OP by Norm is usually attack of convention going loyalist. The point of 9:56 was that these people just don't go to conventions but they are support their fellow Sisters and Brothers every day in the schools or other units.

ed notes online said...

But many of them don't support their fellow teachers or they wouldn't be coming to MORE. There are so many reports of Unity Chapter leaders who if a teacher complains spills the beans to the principal and the teacher gets in trouble. How many ATRs are supported by Unity chapter leaders who think like their leadership that these people are lucky to have a job. Didn't you tell people that if they turned down the 2014 contract the city would go bankrupt and then ends up with billions in surplus? I personally know of many Unity CLs who have cushy jobs in their school and "work" with the principal to make sure they keep these jobs. We know of schools where a Unity CL lost to a MOEE person and the principal has conspired with the former CL to go after the MORE teacher and friends.

Jonathan said...

"This is the front line forcing" (sic) clearly excludes the rest of us. I take as much offense as the author clearly intended.

While many of the 222 do good work for their members, they undermine it by voting against their members' interests on contracts, teacher evaluations, and political endorsements.

Some of the 222 are my friends. Sometimes the issue is so noxious that their stomach cannot allow them to obey the oath - they sit on their voting cards. That is something. But it is not enough.

ed notes online said...

Yes I am also friendly with some of these people too and some of them do a good job. But I also have been told by teachers about how so many are in the pockets of their principa and are not to be trusted -- they are in essence the principal's enforcer.
I also saw a batch of them mock the people who walked out on Bill Gates. I see them at the mics at AFT conventions calling the question or doing dirty work on committees. One woman who I had respected said some things and defended some policies in a political maneuver to shut out the chicago teachers union from a call to control charters 4 years ago. The point is that we have reached a point where people have to face some public scrutiny of their actions.
They should have the same conscience as Roseanne McCosh who was a Unity CL but walked away. We know others who did to because they have a conscience.

ed notes online said...

Oh and coming soon are the other 550, including Randi and Alan Lubin. Imagine - we are voting for delegates who have supposedly left the UFT years and even decades ago. All that while even if MORE got only 20% of the vote those people are disenfranchised while Randi gets elected to "rep" us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you "stick together." You stick with whatever UFT Leadership tells you to stick with instead of sticking with what your members want. You stuck together to support the use of Danielson which is an unreasonable tool to use to evaluate teachers. You stuck together to support Mulgrew wanting to punch anyone in the face who tries to end common core. You stuck together when Mulgrew gave a speech about how great the evaluation system it's so much better than the old system when we weren't tied to test scores. You stuck with a leadership who wants Danielson and test scores to continue to be used as weapons against teachers. Backing the leader's agenda at all times at all costs no matter what asinine thing they do or say is not a sign of strength. When you're handed the next cup of Unity Kool Aid and you willingly gulp it down because UFT Leadership tells you to, you are not exhibiting strength, you are exposing your weaknesses as individuals who put aside the wants and needs of the members you were elected to represent in favor of remaining on bended knee at the foot of UFT Leadership who promotes Danielson and the tying of teachers to test scores. And you do this because you know how dangerous it is to be a teacher these days and you convince yourself that if you suck up enough they will protect you better than the rest of us. If you are part of their inner circle you will be offered more protection than is offered the teachers you were elected to represent. Unity Strength my ass! Strength is tossing the cup of Kool Aid into the face of the one who serves it to you. Strength is galvanizing the members in your school so they rarely need UFT leadership. Strength is expecting and demanding support from UFT leadership when you do need them. Roseanne McCosh

Blogger Admin said...

I am looking forward to the 2018 elections. It is sad that these folks are voting their caucus rather than the issues. I wish there were more data regarding what teachers really want. One can be mad a Chapter Leaders, but it's really teachers and other uft members who ought to "plug-in" to what's happening within the union. And yet, much understanding goes to how difficult the job is in and of itself -- many feel they have no time for union stuff -- and many are even more oblivious to how the "union stuff" connects to their everyday work experiences.

ed notes online said...

2018 should be interesting since it is also a contract year. Unity likes to have contracts locked up before the general election which will be in 2019.
We need to address the next contract after this election is over. It is never too early to raise the issue.

Anonymous said...

Danielson was forced upon us by Governor Cuomo. Even if the socialists from MORE were in charge, it would STILL have been forced upon us, or even worse, since you MORE-ons haven't a clue as to how to run anything.

Anonymous said...

Are you MORE guys funded by Eva Moskowitz? Your attacks echo those by her. Even your shirts resemble hers.