Friday, June 19, 2009

CORE Does Duncan Joined by GEMNYC - UPDATED

Our own Angel Gonzalez was out in Chitown to join CORE (the Caucus of Rank & File Educators) and lend the GEM/ICE voice of protest at their demo against Arne Duncan today. Angel was joined by a few other NYC/GEM teachers, who will be meeting in Chicago this weekend to discuss ed/union issues.

George Schmidt reports at Substance
(photo from Substance)

From Alexander Russo

EDSEC: Hometown Protest To Greet Duncan In Chicago
A teacher-led reform group called CORE is going to welcome Arne Duncan with a good old Chicago-style protest when he shows up to speak Friday morning before a newly-formed (and Gates-funded) statewide advocacy group called Advance Illinois, which is putting out a new report called We Can Do Better that is full of all the usual reformy talk.

I think this may be the first time Duncan has encountered protesters since he became Secretary. The teachers are protesting the impact of Chicago's school turnaround efforts, which have despite all the kudos given them by the mainstream press displaced thousands of veteran teachers -- many of them African American -- and not always made an obvious positive difference. An EEOC complaint has been filed.

You can follow them via Twitter.

# Demonstration commences. We will be at the Board of Ed next Wed. 125 S. Clark. about 11 hours ago
# George Schmidt gives account of mtg. about 11 hours ago
# Press conference. about 12 hours ago
# Protest continues outside. about 12 hours ago
# Headline should read, "Teachers threatened with arrest for attempting to speak to Second of Ed." about 12 hours ago
# There is security everywhere in the lobby. about 12 hours ago
# CORE asked to leave private property. Threatened with handcuffs from hotel mgmt. about 12 hours ago
# We're asking to attend as teachers not as protesters. about 12 hours ago
# Will we be given admittance? Hotel checking with manager about 12 hours ago
# CORE will now enter the building and ask to attend the meeting. about 12 hours ago
# Jackson Potter- Adv. Illinois does not talk to parents, students, teachers, they are businessmen. about 12 hours ago
# Carol Caref- when they privatized custodial services in cps, wages went down dramatically, they're trying to do this to teachrs. about 12 hours ago
# Angel Gonzalez from UFT (AFT) speaking about Nyc version of "ed reform" about 12 hours ago
# "Arne Duncan wants to get rid of veteran teachers" "certified teachers assigned as lower paid subs" about 12 hours ago
# Displaced teacher 3 yrs from retirement addresses the crowd.

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