Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran Uses Unity Election Counters

Ed Notes News (ENN) has discovered links between the counters used in the Iranian election and the 2005 UFT contract vote. Ahmadinejad received the same percentage of votes as did the 2005 contract. "We copied the Unity Caucus of control over UFT members to keep our population under control," said an Ahmadinejad spokesperson.

In other news, the people protesting the Iranian election just love all that Republican support they are getting. "We looked through footage of the stolen 2000 election by George Bush for protests by Al Gore supporters so we could have a model but we couldn't find anything. The footage must be being blocked by our censors," said a protester. "We did see that the press praised Al Gore for taking his medicine like a man and discouraging protests."

"But we did find lots of footage of the one million Mexican protesters over the election stolen from Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2006 but these very same Republicans seemed to condemn the protesters and wouldn't believe a candidate America supports would steal an election. And the American press barely covered these protests despite Mexico being a neighboring country, while they are running wall to wall coverage of the protests in our country.

"American democracy really confuses us."