Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Bitch Face, DO NADA, and Unity Defender

Recently we have been chronicling events at a Bronx elementary where chapter leader blogger Proof of Life fended off a multifaceted attack by the principal while the UFT sat silent in spite of the outrages, fueling suspicion there was some connection between the UFT and the principal, who has fondly become known in these parts as "Bitchface." This goes further than an election as BF and her agents attempted to trump up incidents that would land PoL in the rubber room. The UFT refused to get involved. Our first two posts

When a Chapter Leader Stands Up to the Principal...
Unity Hack Attack on Chapter Leader

led to comments from a UFT apologist, known in these parts as Unity Hack, which criticized Pol for calling the principal Bitchface on her blog.

This comment came in defending PoL:

You know you hit a nerve when a unity hack responds in that manner. Did you notice the telltale attempt at misdirection by faux concern over the principal's bitchface label as opposed to the real and documented harassment of a chapter leader? When will UFT start defending the CLs who are actually confronting principals?

PoL won the election by 30 votes but the UFT threw it out on the most extreme technicalities (if this was a Unity Caucus chapter leader this never would have been a redo), giving Bitchface and her disciples another shot at PoL, who won the 2nd time, though not by as large a margin. The attempt to break PoL's spirit has not worked and will not work.

Some of PoL's supporters at the school have been in touch.
I admire this CL. In fact, I am a former employee of POL's school and Bitch Face is a rather kind name for her! Way to go POL!

Another colleague talks about DO NADA, the principal's chief provocateur.

I'm a teacher at this school and I must say that POL is correct in what she writes. I understand that her use of language may be questionable but that is the purpose of a blog, to yell, scream, praise, pray, curse, love all through text.

Her frustrations are valid. The principal chooses each year people she places on a "shit list" as I call it (please excuse the language). The DO NADA lady I know from personal experience does not teach. She reads a newspaper during class, arrives up to two hours late to school and leaves up to an hour early almost every other day. She is never on the absent list even though she IS INDEED ABSENT. Sucks for people like me who have to be absent for a reason and calls in.

DO NADA actually pulled a stunt years ago where she caused the disruption of a training session to yell at me, in front of the principal, and the principal tells me to let it go. NO write ups, No reports. Our school is so CORRUPT with this principal and certain teachers she has working as an informant, it is absolutely out of control. You probably ask why no one notices this.

Maybe it's because the school is kept so clean, so presentable, the teachers are amazing and actually make up for lack of leadership. We make HER look good. She has given visitors tickets to Broadway shows as gifts, catering, etc...why would anyone who visits complain? We work so hard for the children, not her. That is why this school runs well. Most children believe the assistant principal is the principal.

Our CL is strong and determined to keep our staff united but the principal has [created] an unrepairable rift that has divided this once, close-knit family. It's a shame we have to see this happen. I pray for the day someone sees the cover-ups. The kids with knives in the schools who are not reported, attacks on teachers which again are not reported, the principal who buys everyone off in the region with her connections, especially with the aide of the teachers she uses for their political connections. It's disgusting. Please forgive the errors and language at times but I'm writing as a form of expressing my frustration, not a formal paper.

What is happening with the chapter election at New Utrecht HS in Brooklyn that has caused Unity Caucus people to call Ed Notes asking for assistance? Reports to follow soon.

Another Unity Caucus member under attack by the principal also called Ed Notes for help.

Some interesting results coming in from chapter leader and delegate elections. Unity better hustle people into the caucus before the rabbits start jumping out of the hat.

Note: There has been a lot of immature name calling on the original posts that has taken away from the discussion. The irrelevant comments on both sides will be deleted.


Anonymous said...

Suspense, what is happening at New Utrecht HS?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Norm, you mean to tell me that the mighty, mighty Unity Caucus needs help with CL elections? My goodness !! :This is good; this is priceless.