Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parent Commission response to the sunset of mayoral control

Mayoral control will sunset tonight at midnight. We predict that there will be no rioting in the streets, no chaos or confusion. Instead, many parents will celebrate the removal of an oppressive dictatorial system that has not served their children well. We look forward to working in the future with the Senate, the Assembly and the Governor, to install a new governance system, with adequate checks and balances and a real voice for parents, in which no one, no matter how wealthy and powerful, can make all the decisions when it comes to our children.The Parent Commission on School Governance and Mayoral Control

Leonie Haimson

Patricia Connelly

Ed Note Comment on the Parent Commission Report
(at great risk of life and limb)

The Parent Commission statement contains levels of ambiguity. Underlying it still seems to be a question of what kind of governance system. Will the PC support a system of mayoral control with checks and balances? Or will the PC be willing to look at the current system of governance - as of 12 midnight - which is the past system of governance - remember we revert- and look at ways to put checks and balances on they old/new system of community control, which to me makes more sense than finding ways to leave the mayor in control but curb his power. Also, is there anyone who do
esn't feel it's time for Joel Klein to go on to ruin some other institution?

In case your feeling up about the sunset, read this in the Times:


Man. borough Pres Scott Stringer did not appoint Patrick Sullivan as his rep on the Board of Education – and says that along w/ the SI president, he will continue to support the Bloomberg/Klein policies, disappointing Manhattan parents, who believed that he was on their side.

Photo by David B: Stringer and Markowitz do Vichy

Lisa Donlon replies:
Moved to the other side? He was born and raised there!

Stringer was an Assembly member who voted FOR Mayoral control and despite a number of critical reports on CEC effectiveness, overcrowding, the lousy capital planning process, etc. he has not recanted his pro Mayoral control position. Removing Patrick, the only reasoned and critical voice in the wilderness (of Tweed), is a real blow to the parents of Manhattan and the whole city. Patrick, I guess even in that powerless and lonely position, you were effective enough to warrant NOT being appointed.

Wear that like a badge of honor and join your local school board instead- we need you for the long haul!

Lisa Donlan


Under Assault said...

For your convenience:
Scott Stringer: bp@manhattanbp.org
Jimmy Yan (General Counsel) jyan@manhattanbp.org

Main Office 212 669-8300
1 Centre Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Northern Manhattan Office 212 531-1609
163 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable how these politicians do whatever they want. I wonder if their own children go to public schools?