Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smile, You're on DOE Cameras

Subject: Camera Installation Project
From: Chris Proctor
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 10:09 AM
To: #Safety & Health Committee; #UFT Borough Reps; #UFT District Reps (All Boroughs); #UFT Special Reps (Citywide); #UFT Ed Liaison (City Wide); #UFT Officers; #UFT Functional Chapter Leaders
Cc: Ellie Engler; Sterling Roberson; Chris Proctor

On June 10, 2009, the UFT met with representatives from the DOE Headquarters, DOE Office of School and Youth Development, DOE Division of School Facilities (DSF), DOE Division of Internet Technology and the School Construction Authority (SCA) to discuss the Internet Protocol Digital Video Surveillance (IPDVS) systems installations.

IBM does the design and installation of the systems. Large projects are coordinated through the SCA and before the camera installation begins, there is a protocol meeting. The SCA is currently involved in 136 buildings.

Prior to this there was no oversight for small projects and an outside consultant reviewed existing AHERA to determine if there was any impact on asbestos containing materials. The camera installation project at Cardozo is considered a small project so no on-site survey was conducted to determine if asbestos-containing materials (ACM) would be disturbed. There was an asbestos concern at the school and this was how we became involved.

The DOE DIT also conducts Project Connect which involves cabling work and the replacement of equipment and access points. Project Connect is done the same way the small IPDVS projects are conducted.

Following our meeting the phases of the camera installation project have been adapted to include:

1. All IPDVS projects will stop work immediately through Monday June 15, 2009. DSF and SCA, will meet with the IBM Project Managers to review all the work that has been done and to determine whether any asbestos-containing materials may have been disturbed and abate or change the scope of work as necessary for the small project camera installation jobs. Project Connect field project managers will also attend this meeting.

2. All work done by IBM will now be coordinated either through the DOE Division of School Facilities (DSF) or the School Construction Authority (SCA).

3. The DOE will direct principals to make sure chapter leaders participate at two key points in the process: 1) the on-site survey at the school with IBM and DSF/SCA to determine the scope of work and locations where the cameras will be installed; and 2) Once the scope of work is approved, the chapter leader should attend the “kick-off”/protocol meeting with DSF or SCA along with IBM before any installation work begins.

4. The attached UFT/DSF Pre-Construction Protocol Checklist for DOE/DSF Renovation/Construction Projects in Schools must be reviewed and completed at the protocol meeting.

5. All camera installation projects including the one at Cardozo will not resume until this review has been conducted and a protocol meeting is held with the UFT Chapter Leader, principal and custodian and representatives from DSF, SCA, and IBM.


Under Assault said...

Please report back if you have information on installations inside classrooms. There was some wiring going on in mine yesterday.

Michael Fiorillo said...

Disgraceful, but not surprising, that our union should be participating in the installation of a panopticon in the schools. Ten teachers were just excessed from my school because of so-called financial problems, but apparently there's ample money for surveillance.

Land of the free? Home of the brave, or the sheeple?