Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unity Hack Attack on Chapter Leader

Even regular critics of Randi Weingarten and her Unity Caucus, which has run the UFT since its inception, often don't understand the full depth of the betrayal of teacher interests. It takes years of day to day combat with Unity hacks to provide the full flavor.

Oh, I can tell stories. Like the ICE candidate for chapter leader in a long-time Unity stronghold who was charged with corporal punishment and sent to the rubber room a week before the election. The dean in charge who "investigated" was buddies with the long-time Unity hack who was chapter leader, who went around bragging how he got rid of his opponent. The ICE guy still got almost 40% of the votes despite being banned from the school. The Unity CL ended up with a full-time job at the UFT.

Or the ICE CL who always fought for her members in a large high school but was constantly being undermined by her district rep who actively sought out and cultivated someone to run against her despite the fact this guy was a "cooperative" ally of the principal who violated so many union rules. When the ICE candidate won the election by 1 vote, Unity used a phony disputed ballot to throw out the election, announced the re-election on a day the ICE CL was out of the building, and held the election the next morning on the last day of the school. I was very involved in that case as we met with the borough and district rep the night before the election and it was clear what their agenda was. The ICEer lost by a few votes. I guarantee the teachers at that school are not better off.

I wrote about blogger Proof of Life the other day (When a Chapter Leader Stands Up to the Principal... ) and her battle against a principal and her hand-picked candidate - both of them seem to have connections to the UFT. POL has risked her career and her health to stand up for her members and it showed when she won by 30 votes. Of course the UFT made her do it again on a technicality. Hope always springs eternal. Naturally she won again.

The interesting part here is the comments on that post from a Unity hack, who was more concerned with the fact POL referred to her principal as Bitch Face (or BF for short) and used that as an excuse to attack ICE:

Leaving a very detailed description (ie. traceable) where someone is constantly being called "Bitch Face", we're supposed to believe that the author is incapable of committing verbal abuse? Seems like ICE has found another winner to champion.
I'm once again bewildered by the choice of individuals that ICE stands behind.
It would seem that ICE flushes "A Union of Professionals" right down the toilet yet again.

These comments pretty much put it all in a nutshell as to the Unity Caucus/UFT conception of professionalism. Play nice, capitulate like a gentleperson, sell out - and we will support you all the way as the teachers get flushed down the drain. As long as you get COPE contributions and support the union line. On the other hand, fight like hell for your members, but voice criticisms of the Unity machine, and we will do what it takes to undermine you.

Even though this is blog is run by Ed Notes and not ICE, I'm sure ICE would be proud to champion POL and indeed hope she runs with ICE in an election so Bitch Face and her Unity supporters are blasted all over the map. We're just waiting for our invitation to come speak to the staff at the school to demonstrate that there are unionists who mucho appreciate POL.

POL left her own comment: "I would laugh if it weren't prohibited!"

My favorite line in POL's post: I asked Bitch Face if it was "bring your husband to work day."


The Washington Teacher said...

As always,thanks for featuring my recent blog post on Adderley and Rhee. Gangsters as you call them. This really gave me a good laugh.

I always enjoy reading your blog because it gives me a lot of insight into the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and UFT as well. I regularly encourage DC Teachers to read your blog as well.

Our city in DC is under attack. I had the pleasure of attending a meeting arranged by our Metro Labor Council (which represents all labor unions in DC ) and a city council member, Mr. Brown. I learned that despite all the the rennovation and construction in our city especially within our schools, non-union labor is still being used despite complaints by labor unions. Many of our labor unions are having to deal with a mayor (Adrian Fenty) who regularly abuses his power and has only disdain for working men and women and organized labor.

Of course, you would not be surprised about this. DC's Mayor Fenty is a 'wanna be' protege of Mayor Bloomberg- minus the millions of course. Fenty also loves NY Chancellor Joel Klein and wanted our DC Schools to follow in the same footsteps as New York with an uncredentialed chancellor- Michelle Rhee.

Keep up the great blog ! You are making a difference. ;--)

Anonymous said...

Seems like Ed Notes is only telling part of a story here. Not very surprising.

ed notes online said...

Damn right only half the story. Believe me if we were free to tell it all, you hacks would look much worse.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the character that raised the issue of a union of professionals? What an idiot. No wonder the union is in such bad shape.

Anonymous said...

You know you hit a nerve when a unity hack responds in that manner. Did you notice the telltale attempt at misdirection by faux concern over the principal's bitchface label as opposed to the real and documented harrassment of a chapter leader? When will UFT start defending the CLs who are actually confronting principals? It's easy to find those CLs - they're falsely sent to the rubber room.

Anonymous said...

What would you do if a student called you bitch face?

Anonymous said...

If a child called me bitch face I would gently admonish him, end up being sent to a rubber room for verbal abuse and have some clown like you tell me I have no rights.

Anonymous said...

Paranoid, coarse, vulgar, and juvenile are some of the words that come to mind.

Are those the desirable traits ICE looks for?

Anonymous said...

Some surprise, all of the ICE posts with name calling have magically disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Wow Norm. That's some scary stuff about what UNITY does to Chapter Leaders who oppose them from other caucuses. If I even decide to run for Chapter Leader do I have to join a caucus?
I think people who do are labeled and become an easier target for political attack.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a lemming. Don't believe the hype here.