Thursday, June 4, 2009

When a Chapter Leader Stands Up to the Principal...

...don't expect the UFT to be on your side

Remember that ICE resolution to support chapter leaders at the last DA that Randi stole and rewrote? (Read our report here.) Just more foil dropped from the UFT PR operation to hide where the real bombs lie.

We've seen it time and again. How the UFT will support a principal flunky over a stand-up CL who doesn't suck at the Unity Caucus line. And when the PP's (principal pawns) are politically connected to Unity, it's no holds barred. Oh, and they all seem to end up with do-nothing jobs.
I been there, done that as my district was Unity controlled, with most of the principals being former Unity chapter leaders. Nothing like having the administration and the union gang up on you to train you in survival techniques. By the end of my career I could withstand Ebola virus.

I've been getting reports from chapter leader/blogger Proof of life on her reelection campaign. In the fall she was worried about winning against a principal flunky out to undermine her. I think strong, gutsy CLs often underestimate the level of support they have because people are often silently cheering them on. She won the first election by 30 votes 70% of the vote.

The principal and her gang complained on a really dumb technicality. The UFT made them do it again, despite the fact that such overhwelming victories make do-overs senseless. But when you have a dog in the race...

Not the first time the UFT has backed a principal and undermined a chapter leader (for fun, go back up and read Randi's tin foil DA reso protecting CLs.) POL won the second round, also by a wide margin, despite the principal calling people into her office telling them how to vote with over.

At times POL gets a bit down, but I want POL in the foxhole with me anytime. Drop by her blog and give her some love. Proof of life's report with some hilarious excerpts.

I won the second election which was conducted by the UFT. The bitch face principal had her pawns lined up against me. First, they say I cheated because I didn't put the yellow Notice of Elections in every one's mailbox. The form provided by the UFT states something to the effect, "you can use this or any other form". My form was to follow all instructions to the T except to use the yellow form. My form was to announce at least a dozen times I planned to run against PAWN 1.

Anyway, I am well aware the UFT is not my friend. They have direct personal ties to Pawn 1, and I am sure they encouraged him to continue his run. I won the first election 20 votes to 50. Pretty big margin.

When principal's pawns were able to convince the UFT in letters to the Borough office that my election was not on the "up and up " things began to turn from ugly to ridiculous to the surreal to the absurd.

Crazy DO NADA teacher spent hundreds of dollars on professional huge posters. I mean professional. I only put up four homemade signs with my name. It didn't matter because each time I put one of my humble fliers up it was ripped down. DO NADA has plenty of money, seeing how she "works" per session everyday, but no one knows what she does. As a matter of fact, she must have a very special job that allows her to work from home because she is never in the building.

A few weeks before the first election, DO NADA was taken to the hospital. According to her I had "super imposed" my body on hers. She also claimed I went up to her with clenched fists and an angry face and threatened her. She was whisked away in an ambulance because I gave her an anxiety attack. In reality I did pass DO NADA in the hall and said to her, " have a good weekend" ( kill them with kindness). Thus the first attempt to get me in the rubber room.

That investigation fell through as DO NADA had no witnesses and I had two teachers who said they saw me say something to do nada and then do nada started screaming. Who is the drama queen?? The UFT did try to intercede at this point. They requested a mediation between NADA and myself. This never came to pass as Bitch Face would not allow NADA to go to the UFT office.

The next move was really a hum -dinger. DO NADA's husband was allowed in the building to tail me. Yes, to shadow me around the building. He does not work for the DOE. Why was he allowed to do this?? HARASSMENT! YES, that's right. I asked Bitch Face if it was "bring your husband to work day." I was wondering if I could bring some of my motor cycle dudes from the old days.

Skip to tactic 104, random number for random acts of stupidity. DO NADA's hubby decides to use the the DOE email to send out propaganda against me. Although he put every ones name on a list serve he was stupid enough to have his email address at the top of the campaign flier.

I was labeled a buffoon who postures. Maybe this couple from hell took the same creative writing class. Needless to say, my friends in the building gave me the email and several went to the administration to complain. No one wanted that shit in their DOE email accounts. When I approached Bitch Face with the email she said she was unaware of it. Of course she was unaware of it. Only ten people went to her with the email. In one final last ditch attempt to get some help I wrote a letter to Randi.

I explained the entire situation to her. She was quick to write me back and tell me she would come to the school asap. This email was intercepted by the Bronx office and they assured Randi that they were on it. Funny, I didn't feel like they "were on it".

I was assigned a lawyer and OSI was called. It is not legal to use the DOE accounts for personal propaganda. This is where things get fuzzy because once again all has come to a complete stand still and DO NADA has a new tactic. OSI did come and did question staff members concerning the email. The staff was eager to speak although I warned them they were allowed to have UFT representation. I could not represent them because that would be a conflict of interest. My step two grievance against Bitch Face for interfering with UFT business was also halted when BF claimed she didn't receive the documentation. I have teacher witness statements from former teachers (at the school) which state she had told them on numerous occasions to stay away from me. Nice concept. Pay union dues, but do not reap the benefits of union assistance. The hearing officer adjourned the grievance until liar liar was able to attain the documents. The documents have thus been faxed to her and yet my grievance is at a stand still. No more OSI. NO more nada.

I happened to walk past DO NADA's CTT class. I went in and greeted the students as I often do when I walk into a class room. Force of habit I guess, because I am a teacher after all. I told newbie teacher the SLT meeting was over, and to expect Do Nada back. Normally Do NADA takes the entire day when she has a SLT meeting. After all it takes hours to type up the principals agenda. We call this democracy?? Little did I know the best was yet to come.

I continued on my merry way to coverage. Newbie runs into the room to report that DO NADA has taken the children to the guidance counselor after she has coached them to say I walked into the class and verbally abused them!! I walk to BF's office and who is there? None other than DO NADA. She walks out as I enter. I ask BF is she is aware that Do Nada has taken children to counselor to interrogate them. Of course she responds, " I am unaware of this I will check into it."

I ask BF "is it not enough you have divided the staff, now you are allowing the students to be used?" I called the UFT and told them what is going on. I asked for a follow up on my grievance. Does this BF have that much political power that she can stop the ball of justice from bouncing? Or is she so "in" with the leadership of the Bronx Borough UFT that I am without a doubt fighting a battle on all sides? Time to call in.

Proof Of Life plans to have me over to speak to the staff one day. Maybe the UFT can call for a thrid election before it's too late.


Chaz said...

I just love POL. All CL's should be like her and hooray for the teachers who have the courage to vote their convictions.

nyteach16 said...

I am still trying to pick myself up off the floor up from the absurdity of this CL's experience. It is amazing that this industry has become a bastion of turncoats. I have quite the opposite experience having a CL that works on administrations behalf and proudly announces in the teacher center her ill doings. Fortunately she was voted out, but wants to challenge the election. Today my CL wrote me up and reported me to administration. This because I told her she was two-faced and deserve to lose the election. Now I am being accused of unprofessional behavior. And the battle begins.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight.

Leaving a very detailed description (ie. traceable) where someone is constantly being called "Bitch Face", we're supposed to believe that the author is incapable of commiting verbal abuse?

Seems like ICE has found another winner to champion.

ed notes online said...

Oh ye poor Unity hack, miffed at having your caucus revealed as back stabbing worms?

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, I'm once again bewildered by the choice of individuals that ICE stands behind.

It would seem that ICE flushes "A Union of Professionals" right down the toilet yet again.

ed notes online said...

A Unity hack bewildered? How surprising. Of course what is important to you is the language the CL uses, not that she risks her job daily standing behind her teachers while you guys undermine her. Do you think a 30 vote win with the principal supporting her opponent maens anything? You comments make you even more pathetic than even I thought possible. They are worth featuring in a mainline ed notes post so keep 'em coming.

And I bet you even voted for that phony Unity reso stolen from ICE on protecting CLs.

And you are further confused by the fact this is Ed Notes, not ICE, though I'm sure ICE will stand squarely hehind the CL too.

proofoflife said...

I would laugh if it weren't prohibited!

Anonymous said...

I think it's inexcusable that a cl has to be treated this way by the people who are paid with our dues and are supposed to stand up for our rights. It's no wonder that many union members like myself are begining to question the true function of these individuals in the unity "club". They are never there when you need them, If they are they refer you to someone else, and someone else never answers the phone. (Well not before speaking to the principal first) Some don't make it a secret and will let you know up front that the principal is an old friend of theirs. So you have to grin and bare it,unless your willing to "SWING" with them and then you may get their attention. I say lets throw the "SWINGING" bums out next opportuninty.

Anonymous said...

I admire this CL. In fact, I am a former employee of POL's school and Bitch Face is a rather kind name for her! Way to go POL!

Anonymous said...

I'm a teacher at this school and I must say that POL is correct in what she writes. I understand that her use of language may be questionable but that is the purpose of a blog, to yell, scream, praise, pray, curse, love all through text. Her frustrations are valid. The principal chooses each year people she places on a "shit list" as I call it (please excuse the language). The DO NADA lady I know from personal experience does not teach. She reads a newspaper during class, arrives up to two hours late to school and leaves up to an hour early almost every other day. She is never on the absent list even though she IS INDEED ABSENT. Sucks for people like me who have to be absent for a reason and calls in. DO NADA actually pulled a stunt years ago where she caused the disruption of a training session to yell at me, in front of the principal, and the principal tells me to let it go. NO write ups, No reports. Our school is so CORRUPT with this principal and certain teachers she has working as an informant it is absolutely out of control. You probably ask why no one notices this. Maybe it's because the school is kept so clean, so presentable, the teachers are amazing and actually make up for lack of leadership. We make HER look good. She has given visitors tickets to broadway shows as gifts, catering, etc...why would anyone who visits complain? We work so hard for the children, not her. That is why this school runs well. Most children believe the assistant principal is the principal. OUR CL is strong and determined to keep our staff united but the principal has sent an unrepairable rift that has divided this once, close-knit family. It's a shame we have to see this happen. I pray for the day someone sees the cover-ups. The kids with knives in the schools who are not reported, attacks on teachers which again are not reported, the principal who buys everyone off in the region with her connections, especially with the aide of the teachers she uses for their political connections. It's disgusting. Please forgive the errors and language at times but I'm writing as a form of expressing my frustration, not a formal paper.

Anonymous said...

I agree completly with more bitch face, do nada and unity suckups.(sorry, defenders) well what the hell there is no difference. I am also familiar with the kind of abuse that this CL has had to endure. Everything in the previous post is EXACTLY TRUE, but there is more than one DO NADA. They sit behind their desks at the uft office stuffing their pie holes,spend our dues at parties in Albany and get this, Dancing lessons? They don't need dancing lessons, they are already very good at dancing around not having to confront Bitch face who is a very good friend of the Unity "SWINGERS" in the Bronx. They don't have the COJONES to do what they have to do. Maybe they are afraid of what they might find or maybe they already know.

Anonymous said...

Well I am also a teacher at this school and I know for a fact that Bitch Face and the BIG unity suck up are good friends, because they worked together years ago. He has said openly that she is a very good friend of his. This was said at this school by him during a meeting at which he came to resolve another issue. Oh yes, the Issue was resolved in Bitch Face's favor.