Saturday, June 13, 2009

The parents and staff within my school community are organizing and looking for support

I am a public school teacher in Brooklyn. I happily stumbled upon the ednotes blogspot when searching for information and resources to support my own school's struggle with the charter school occupying space in our building. It looks like GEM is having a meeting soon and I was wondering if you could tell me who can attend and where it will be held! The parents and staff within my school community are organizing and looking for support and help from like-minded individuals to stop the madness of the mayor and chancellor's bogus school reform agenda.

Any information you have will be a great help. If the public schools who are forced to share space with charter schools have a forum or way to communicate with each other, maybe we can change the direction of school reform!

A Brooklyn Teacher

Welcome on board. Please join us. We are reaching out to all school communities threatened with closings, phase-outs, charters to build a unified fight back. Two of us went to support the struggle this past Thursday at PS 160x Co-op City. Look at ednotesonline and our GEM website for updates on our written and video (youtube) documentation of various struggles. We project also meeting over the summer, although not as routinely. I'll put you our listserv and do send our gem listserv info on the situation where you work.

Angel Gonzalez, GEM
May 14 GEM Rally at the DOE: (also look up Marine Park, Brandeis HS, MS 399x, Charles Barron on Youtube)

Another Brooklyn teacher writes:
We have a charter school in our building that will be overstaying until their building is ready. They will be adding an eighth grade. We will have classrooms moving all over the place so that they can have rooms. Then, we hear, an elementary charter school is scheduled to move in!

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