Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Parent Commision Bill on Governance

My opinion is mayoral control is now a dead issue and we should focus on the two year sunset provison and start organizing like hell for the next time. But if you believe in this political action stuff, contact your local thief- er- NY legislature rep.
-Norm (so Leonie doesn't get blamed for this comment.)

From Leonie:

Support the Parent Commision bill – the Education Through Partnership Act, sponsored by Shirley Huntley.

We propose six elected parents on the board –directly chosen by the CECs, as well as five political appointees (three of them Mayoral) and four members that would be collectively chosen by other board members. As well as CECs elected by all parents, CECS having the final word over all resitings, openings and closings of schools, and SLTs having the final word on School-based budgets (as was the case under previous Chancellors)

Real shared decisionmaking. Real parent power. As well as the DOE subject to all relevant city laws, like all other city agencies.

The bill is posted here:

We are also now calling for a two year sunset on whatever bill is passed – which makes sense given the chaos in the Senate – though we are saying that we need a two year period to see if whatever governance changes that are enacted are working to create real accountability, checks and balances, and real parent input.

Leonie Haimson
Executive Director
Class Size Matters

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