Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You Knew Mulgrew Like I Knew Mulgrew

Hi Norm,

Read your piece about Mulgrew. I know him a bit. He shouted me down at a meeting he held at my school to "discuss" the '07 contract extension. I asked why the "cost containment initiatives" phrase had been added to the extension. He called me a conspiratorialist and fear-mongerer (those probably weren't his words...I don't think he uses words containing more than 3 syllables), said I was spreading lies by asking my question and told me to shut my mouth when I continued to repeat the same question until I could get an answer.

I don't bother with his union meetings anymore. I learned my lesson -the fix is in and I'm not going to get riled up over something completely out of my control.

BTW, at the same meeting where I walked out, two more of my colleagues had run-ins with him and walked out publicly too.

In my opinion, he's a creep and a goon and cut from the same crooked, corrupt cloth as Weingarten. I have seen his "heavy-handedness" if you will.

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